Underwater (2020)

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7 miles below the ocean surface something has awakened 2020/1/8 95 min.


If you have been looking for an underwater action movie to watch lately, then you have come to the right place. The Shrek Trilogy by Disney (If you haven't seen any of these movies, you are missing out) is one of the best animated movies you can find. These movies are funny, heartwarming and also a bit adventurous at times.

To me, Shrek is the only movie that combines the two genres of comedies and children's movies well. However, before you try to watch Shrek or the other Disney Underwater movies, it would be wise to get familiar with what Underwater really is, which will then enable you to appreciate Shrek better.

I believe that what makes Underwater such a success in the cinematic world is the fact that all of the movies share the same vision, which is simply to entertain people. By doing so, Underwater movies are able to satisfy all kinds of people as well as bring about uniqueness and style in every character's personalities.

Underwater movies are also something that can be found in several versions like SVU Underwater, Shrek Underwater series, Shrek Incredible Adventures, Shrek Undersea, The Princess And The Frog Underwater series, The Princess And The Frog Underwater trilogy, Mulan Underwater series, Shrek Underwater: The Search For Mulan Underwater, Despicable Me Underwater, Tinkerbell Underwater, Finding Nemo Underwater, Bumper Films' The Little Mermaid Underwater, Home On The Range Underwater, Finding Dory Underwater, etc. There are a lot more movies out there in the theaters but I believe the ones mentioned above are the best and most popular.

If you are not a fan of Shrek movies, then you can go for Shrek series or Mulan series. Shrek series is not as popular as the others but it has its own charm and manages to get under people's skin, just like Shrek's characters.

For those who want a change from the old days, there is a new Underwater TV show in the form of Disney's Little Mermaid Underwater and Despicable Me Underwater series. You must watch both series because they feature some of the most famous Underwater characters of all time.

These two shows even have a creative team that includes writers, directors, producers, etc., who have very unique ideas and came up with something that everyone is dying to see. The music of these shows is also perfect and brings out the maximum amount of pleasure when watching these movies.

Underwater movies are still around and you can still see them on cable channels, on DVD, or even on video games. Do not wait and watch this movie today, as you will definitely get addicted to these movies after a certain period of time.

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