The Wrong Missy
The Wrong Missy (2020)

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2020/5/13 89 min.


Scripted or Feature Film? Will The Wrong Missy be a Movie, TV Show, or a Serie? Some people may have such confusion.

Many people probably have different opinions on this particular Summer Movie. Some think that this is a good idea while others think it's just not the right kind of thing for the summer. Others think this will never make money and there is not a place for it in the Movie World. However, you should know that the Winter of 2020 did pretty well with Girls Gone Wild and the next Winter of 2020 has Veronica Mars returning.

This Summer movie is a limited Series that takes place between Seasons One and Two of Girls Gone Wild. This movie is just a limited Series so hopefully, it will be picked up for more seasons. As a Series, this movie is only expected to have the two main characters.

That makes this a Television Movie and as of now, a Serie. As you can see, this is somewhat of a unique concept because each Summer Movie was expected to be a Movie with a limited Series attached. That would not be the case here. So, I can't predict how well this series will go or if it will be a success at all.

Currently, NBC has already announced the future of this particular Summer Series. They are calling it "Shady Characters" and it will be a Television Series. From the description, you can see that there is more to this Season as compared to Girls Gone Wild. With the Serie taking place in the off-season, they will have more opportunities to show this as a Limited Series.

From what I see, Shady Characters seems to be more about the characters that are played by the actual Girls Gone Wild actresses. So, you can imagine that if the Girls Gone Wild stars return, there will be more to this Season than just the original Girls Gone Wild. Again, I cannot see a sequel being made and the Stars of Girls Gone Wild still want to continue working together.

With this, Shady Characters will be more like a limited series like Girls Gone Wild but on a network. This is due to the fact that there is less competition on the networks to air this in the Winter of 2020. But, once Summer is over, it is probably gone for good.

Hopefully, this series will also end by then. There are not many great Summer Movies available to see and there are just not many options for the limited Series. So, I hope you will keep an eye out for this.

Original title The Wrong Missy
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