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Every loss is another fight. 2020/3/5 108 min.


There is no better way to start off a road trip than watching The Way Back. Movies in general are an enjoyable and relaxing way to pass the time, especially when these movies are watched with others. Most times watching a movie with friends are a fun way to share in the enjoyment of the movie.

The Road Trip begins in time for a love story to start off The Way Back. As time progresses and the story progresses so do the characters in the story that happen to be traveling with one another on this road trip.

The two main characters are John Hammond and his teenage daughter, Eleanor (played by Sasha Baron Cohen) who are traveling with him. They go to visit Eleanor's grandmother who had previously died as a result of a stroke. John is getting along fine with Eleanor but when the girl discovers that her grandmother had been blind for most of her life, she is shocked and worried about the change in her grandmother's attitude.

It's also interesting to note that in many ways it has a similar feel to what would happen if you were to meet someone on a desert island and then get separated for two weeks or more. On the other hand, what would happen if you met the man in your family that had been born blind and then find out he can see again and he comes to live with you. What would that be like? A little like The Way Back.

The other character that appears on The Way Back is another teenager that also lives in the Hammonds' home. His name is Cadey the Cricket and he comes from the far away city of New York. He knows a good place to get tickets for the Big Apple but not one that the Hammonds are aware of. He's the right and greatest companion for both John and Eleanor.

This film is a favorite of mine because it is a part of the "Serie". However, I must say that the "Serie" series in general just didn't hold my attention for very long. I even remember seeing one of the movies from years ago that starred Brad Pitt and got hooked up on the first five minutes but after that movie I never really seemed to want to go back.

It's a shame because The Way Back did have its moments. For example, the way the movie started with the live broadcast of the funeral was interesting and I liked that at the very beginning of the movie. It was even better seeing the cameo by Wile E. Coyote, who appears in the next movie.

So if you haven't watched The Way Back yet, I recommend giving it a chance. It is a fun movie that I watched with others, is one of the most enjoyable road trips to take.

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