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Witness the birth of an assassin 2020/1/31 109 min.


The music of the movie The River is a combination of rock, folk and pop music. In the UK, most people would see the movie as a true story but since it is an online movie, people can share and discuss it in forums and social media. Discussion threads on the movies online are popular.

The first thing you might notice when you watch the movie is how different it is from other hard core rock or pop related movies. The movie focuses on the main character, a young singer named Dan, who records an album as a tribute to his late friend, Bruce. Since this is a tribute album, a lot of songs are chosen to honor Bruce. It is a bit different from other film music but then again, the director decided to do something unique with the movie so that's why we got something different.

As with all cinema, there are several film's themes that were present in the movie. These themes will be explored further in the review. It is important to note that each song in the movie has a different meaning and purpose.

In the musical style, it is obvious that a lot of rock songs are used. The main themes of the movie is going to be rock and roll, rebellion, and some other emotional themes. The main focus of the rock musical style will be that of Bruce.

The scene where Bruce and Dan are driving together is said to be based on reality. Bruce was about to get a speeding ticket and was trying to commit suicide by driving himself to the police station. He gets killed but Dan and the viewers can sympathize with him.

In the episode where Bruce drives Dan to the recording studio is a remake of the classic rock song "I Want You". The song's lyrics are about a man wanting to lose his wife andbe with another woman. This was a song that Dan had also been thinking about before the scene in the movie. He is trying to find some meaning in life.

There are also some pop sounds in the movie. Examples of these sounds are that of the "fist bump" at the beginning of the song when Bruce tells Dan that he wants to meet his friend, Steve. Another example is the pop sounds that can be heard during Bruce's closing narration.

Overall, The Rhythm Section was a good movie with good reviews from critics. Its main themes are rock and pop music. This movie is worth a watch for those who love movie music.

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