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The Ultimate Human Hunting Experience 2020/3/11 90 min.


If you have not watched The Hunt for Red October lately, you will want to watch it as soon as possible. In this movie starring Harrison Ford, Tom Selleck, and John Slattery, it has amazing action and is quite entertaining. It also has some adult themes which some people may find offensive. This movie is a cult classic and should be seen by everyone who likes military movies and other types of realistic movies.

Tom Jones was a naval man, who had retired from the armed forces and returned to civilian life. One day, he received a secret report from the Pentagon and became convinced that the Russians were planning on invading the United States. He decides to use all his military skills to stop them. Unfortunately, he was not very good at using them and his plan failed, leaving him a shell-shocked veteran. Tom was lonely and started a relationship with a young woman called Courtney, but one day he receives a message in his mail box from the CIA.

Two spies, Don Gatham and Stan O'Hare, set up a trap for him in an attempt to find out what really happened in the Pentagon. Tom immediately gets a job as a CIA operative, making him responsible for tracking down spies and retrieving secret documents. But he does not know that the two spies he's tracking are actually Russian spies, and before long he gets entangled in a plot involving their own spies who are trying to track him down and kill him.

Most war movies involve good guys fighting bad guys, while other movies feature good guys rescuing damsels in distress or bad guys trying to make a million at the expense of innocent civilians. This movie takes a different approach and focuses on the characters involved.

Courtney, a college graduate, is an undercover operative who works for the FBI. She eventually falls in love with the man who is trying to get her out of the bureau and is tricked into thinking that he is a Soviet agent.

Tom Jones is a wonderful character, a slightly sinister and somewhat likeable type. He is always being called upon to get the job done, while Courtney's fun-loving attitude sometimes clashes with his more serious approach.

The Hunt for Red October is one of the few war movies featuring more than one female character. Both Ms. O'Hare and Courtney love the idea of working together and, after successfully recovering a stolen Russian spy ship, they finally fall in love with each other. This movie is really about the characters, especially Tom Jones and Mr. Jones, and I enjoyed the movie just as much as I enjoyed the characters.

This movie would be great to watch while sitting around the fire with a great cold drink. Or, you can simply sit there with your partner or child and enjoy the antics of these interesting characters. Either way, you will enjoy this movie immensely.

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