The Half of It
The Half of It (2020)

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A different kind of love story. 2020/5/1 104 min.


In the very first season of HBO's hit The Wire, there is a famous scene in which a man on the street talks about The Half of It. In this scene, a group of people see the police killing a man and ask the rest of the group why he is not alive.

The rest of the group then walks away saying, "The Half of It" (it rhymes with the word "Brick"). The only person who seems to notice is one of the drug dealers who puts down his roll of heroin and says "I got one!" He then shoots himself in the head.

The point here is that many blacks are literally walking away from and avoiding what is going on around them because they are afraid. This becomes their excuse for being no help to their fellow man. It's the same thing that the drug dealers in The Half of It do in the scenes where they are casually standing around saying, "I've got one! I've got one!"

But the scene is also symbolic of the society in which many blacks live. They have developed a psychological defense mechanism that keeps them from supporting the very social structure that has given them so much opportunity to be black and to lead their own lives. In other words, they have created an identity that they will not support.

It's like a person with a disability; this person will deny the reality of his disability in order to survive in a way that is mutually comfortable. Just as those drug dealers in The Half of It deny the existence of their own death. They are now no longer involved in selling drugs, although they may still use drugs. They have created a false self-image.

This can be seen in the way many blacks deny their physical characteristics. While black people have always had some racial features, the denial of these characteristics and of the roles they play in society is a new development.

These psychological defenses are part of a process by which blacks create a comfort zone. If you are a person who wants to go out and try to make a better life for yourself, you will be met with resistance.

You need to be persistent if you want to do anything to help black people. Persistence is all you need to move forward and to create change.

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