The Grudge
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The Grudge (2020)

The Grudge

2020/1/2 93 min.


The Grudge is an American crime drama film that was released in 1998. It was written and directed by John Landis. Although it was a direct sequel to the previous film, Blood Simple, the plot of The Grudge is completely different and follows the life of former hit man, who is now a bounty hunter. That being said, you must have seen and liked Blood Simple before watching The Grudge as well.

As with the previous movie, the movie opens with a surprise hitman being killed by another hitman. They are then pursued by police. The hitman is then killed by one of the hitmen. A few days later, he gets his revenge by killing the killer who killed his partner. His next target is also a hitman but since he will be helping this hitman, he is spared from any retaliation.

The hitman, on the other hand, tracks down the hitman who killed his partner and has him shot through the head with a bullet that shoots out a bullet called a bullet that will never bounce off. This makes the shot dead. The hitman finds himself at a cemetery where a graveyard with a large number of graves in the middle of the ground. Some of the bodies in the graveyard include someone having a woman's name, an ex-member of the army and a hitman.

The hitman decides to see what kind of reputation he will get if he captures the person who shot up his partner. However, he does not expect that the lady who is in the grave he is standing in is pregnant and he finds out that his former partner's wife is the mother of the baby.

After getting all the information he needs, the hitman then prepares for the inevitable. He tracks down the hitman, tries to get him killed but the hitman escapes and keeps meeting people whose lives he will end up ruining.

The movie is very long but entertaining. The movie uses its style very well to explain the plot. For example, the "Grudge" tattoo seen in some of the flashbacks, also happens to be the infamous gravedigger's tattoo. John Landis did a great job of incorporating a lot of suspense in the movie that made it really interesting.

Movie Rating: 9.5/10

The Grudge is not a good movie but it's worth watching. It's a nice watch, as it contains lots of action, blood and laughs. In the end, John Landis is credited for keeping the film suspenseful but also able to keep the audience entertained.

Original title The Grudge
TMDb Rating 5.5 315 votes

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