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The Gentlemen (2020)

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Criminal. Class. 2020/1/1 113 min.


This movie is not only intriguing but one of the most realistic science fiction movies that I've seen. The Gentlemen brings to life the future, the film portrays through its poetic story telling and highly intelligent screenplay.

This movie deals with what it's like to live in a futuristic society and how science fiction has been used as a way to avoid the possible downfall of humanity as we know it. In The Gentlemen, we are introduced to the story of Geordi La Forge and Dr. Beverly Crusher (played by Winona Ryder). They work as crew members on the Starship Patroklos and on a mission that's supposed to be a cross between exploring and retrieving a dormant alien life form.

What begins as an exploration and search for the "Island of Ice" is interrupted when a small group of aliens arrive on the ship and demand that they give them time to rest. After settling in and having a few "misunderstandings", the planet's lifeforms start taking over the ship and the crew. Soon they realize that the presence of the aliens is due to their presence in the past, as well as the presence of a child from a previous generation.

On this planet, it's possible to travel back in time to find out about the origins of mankind, and in the process become a member of an elite race that many believe is the first sign of our evolution from human to the next step. What happens next is very confusing and controversial. In the end, it appears that those who want to stay out of the path of evolution, get to live a little longer, while those who want to do what's best for mankind are killed off.

The Gentlemen is a highly intelligent and well-written science fiction movie that you don't want to miss. It's the perfect time travel movie, bringing together two of the most popular genres: mystery and science fiction.

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What You Need To Know About The Gentlemen - In order to understand what The Gentlemen is about, you need to understand some of the key concepts behind science fiction. One of the core concepts behind science fiction is the idea that things are coming and the old ways of thinking are becoming obsolete.

This is what The Gentlemen is all about and what makes science fiction stand out. When it comes to the worlds of fantasy and science fiction, it's not all about technology and science that the stories appeal to; it's also the idea that a person could be either one or the other.

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