Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty
Kamen Rider Zi-O NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty (2020)

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2020/2/28 N/A min.


The movie of the Kamen Rider Series: Geiz, Majesty is all about following a group of Riders who continue their quests to take on Geiz, The Next Time: Geiz. This is followed by the story of another Rider named Emperor Zangetsuya, a human who was mistaken for being the real Kamen Rider by his previous mentor, Denizen.

The movie ends with a very satisfying cliffhanger ending. From the first scene we are introduced to Denizen who reveals that he is King Shura's (referring to Kamen Rider Grand Wizard) hidden Rider. The great part of this is the inclusion of a new character and there is also another Rider that is much stronger than the Kamen Rider ZX, Gaim.

Geiz, Majesty also adds a new group of Rider named Geiz, Great Warrior Riders. This group consists of Zenjiro (The Beast of the North), Hunter (The King of the Mountains), Hikariko (The Unbeatable Mask), Kitan (The Harp of the Sun), and the most powerful of them all, Geiz, Great Knight Rider Kamen Rider Ninjutsu! There is also an interesting twist in this movie and it is about Ninjutsu moving to the Far East to become a samurai. This film ends up being more epic than the first movie did.

Geiz, Majesty is filled with action, excitement, and the series old trademark villains the Gezos, The Geiz Clan, the Itazaki, who are evil genetically engineered creatures and a first timer who are named the real Kamen Rider, Emperor Zangetsuya. However, unlike the first movie where I think I saw something that looks like an armadillo on a motorcycle, this movie is filled with the same Kamen Rider designs from the first series but all of them have different personalities.

The background characters are also more realistic as they can be seen in actual Manga when Geiz Majesty is starting from the beginning and also some are introduced that we did not see in the first movie. The way the movie is structured is also impressive as this movie does not have a typical traditional style of movie making.

The voice acting is not as good as the original Kamen Rider Geiz series but it can be more entertaining than the boring show of actors from the original series. The music is not as good as the first movie and still has the same mix of traditional and contemporary music. Also, the voice of Geiz, Majesty, is a little childish but it fits the character better and adds to the originality of the story.

Geiz Majesty also brings back the first series' evil Gezome, The Geiz Clan who is the villain of the first movie. This season is full of new villains to fight with but none of them is as scary as the genome. This is a good addition to the series since the Gezome and Geiz, The Next Time: Geiz join forces in this movie and adds more tension to the plot.

Overall, the story of Geiz, Majesty is just the same as the first Kamen Rider series. This movie does not have much new to add to the series and is just a rehash of the old stories. It is just like the original version of the series and fans of the series can continue to watch this movie with more anticipation for the next installment.

Original title 仮面ライダージオウNEXT TIME:ゲイツ、マジェスティ
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