Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

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The war to end all wars. 2020/5/5 90 min.


In this series, we are going to look at the first movie in the Justice League Dark movie. Justice League Dark is a DC comic book that was created by Chris Roberson and Mike Johnson. In this first movie, they introduce two of the characters from the comic book, as well as another one who was never seen in the comic book.

First of all, we have the Cyber-Ghost. This is another name for the Spectre. He was a member of the Justice League, who left to start a new life. He had not been happy with his choices in life. The Justice League did not know that he had been watching them, but he did not want them to think about him leaving them.

In order to find the answer to his problems, he takes some time off and goes searching for evil spirits. He learns that they live within the center of the earth and when the earth warms up, there is a large enough mass of energy to give the spirits enough warmth that they need to be active. The end result is that there is a spirit named Apokolips that came from the inside of the earth.

After this is revealed, the Justice League is ready to go on a mission to stop the spirits from being released. During the mission, they run into a mysterious woman who joins them on their quest.

The second character in the movie is Darkseid. He is also the leader of Apokolips and has been working on a plan to take over the world. When the Justice League is brought to his planet, he reveals that he has been researching the Justice League and they were sent to him so that he could learn what they have learned about the other species.

During the battle, Darkseid reveals that he wants to destroy the Justice League so that he can use their power to make a weapon that can take over the universe. He also reveals that he is able to gather enough strength to do this when he senses fear in a person.

The third character in the Justice League Dark movie is Deadman. He is also known as the priest who can read the dead souls of the people that he is talking to.

Both the cyborg and the priest will be returning in the next movie of the Justice League Dark, which is called Justice League Dark: Apocalypse. This movie is set after the events of the first movie, so it is about the end of the League. The main question now is will the Justice League be able to save the world from Darkseid's reign?

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