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One love can change your life. 2020/3/12 115 min.


I Still Believe is a very good movie. This is one of the few movies that I've seen that doesn't bother me with its preachy message. The story of the movie is a bit outlandish, but it's told in a way that makes it interesting.

The story starts in the early seventies, when Tim Henderson (Jesse Eisenberg) was leading a 'Never-Never Land' life. He had three children, was married, and had a home office that he ran with his family. He and his wife's mother (Kim Basinger) moved into a two story house in an upscale neighborhood, and they were soon in debt. But their financial situation soon changed when a wealthy client died and her estate changed hands.

Not all bad things happened, though. Tim and his wife Sharon (Elisabeth Shue) got to keep all of her jewelry, and a small part of the estate were sent to the family. All was well until it was found out that this client owned a major share of 'The Pipeline', the largest oil company in the world.

Now Tim and his wife have to figure out a way to fight the powers that be and get control of the inheritance before they do everything they can to destroy them. It seems like every time they try to make a move, the game gets even more complicated. This movie's best scenes are when the two parties start to come into contact with each other.

For instance, you'll see a fairly powerful IRI official (Thomas Jane) show up at Tim's office. And, as he is opening the door to ask him about his family, he shouts that his wife has been killed in a car accident. This doesn't make sense for a number of reasons, but it is clear that there is something going on that does not need to be forgotten.

The second scene of I Still Believe is one of the funniest parts of the movie. This happens when Tim is getting ready to leave for an interview. While he is eating a large breakfast (made out of his wife's ashes), Sharon walks in and asks him about her mother's legacy. Tim finally figures out what she means and offers her some (pretzels), but she stops him and asks for more.

As I said, I Still Believe is not a preachy movie. Instead, it tells a funny and exciting story. That makes it even more impressive, because it makes the plot so much more fun to follow. I recommend watching this movie because it is so much fun to watch.

I actually saw the same movie in a second series of the Serica Theater's Fringe series. And the third movie was also very good. In fact, I thought the first two were just okay. I Still Believe was not as strong as the other Fringe movies but it's definitely a worthy addition to the series.

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