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We all pay for our crimes in the end. 2020/5/12 103 min.


A couple of weeks ago I decided to watch a documentary called "Capone" on Netflix. I was really surprised to see the rating: it's actually a "seventy-nine." When I mentioned this to the box office attendant, she told me that a movie with a rating of a "seventy-nine" needs to have received a lot of publicity, and in this case the publicity had been given to the producers through the newspaper. Nevertheless, the movie did not receive enough publicity in order to be rated a "seventy-nine".

In the film, you can find many shots of Gotti, who is played by Al Pacino in a Spanish translation. He even has a small role in the movie. One interesting fact about Capone and Pacino is that Al Pacino was the first actor to portray a character as similar to the real life of Al Capone. I'm not sure if the actor considered this, but Al Pacino did end up giving birth to a son and now is also an actor.

In the documentary, the most important part is when Gotti meets his wife, Hannah; and he would only meet her once again later on. They would eventually get married and live in a mansion with a swimming pool. They would become very wealthy and seem to be very happy with their lives. The woman seems like a poor girl with a loving family; however, everything was very organized in this mansion, as they took care of every detail.

Another thing to know about Capone is that he was close to being an American politician. According to the documentary, he was elected as a Congressman. He even received tons of votes. However, he failed to become an American citizen, so he spent most of his time in jail.

His American accent has also been pointed out as well. He had very strange American accent, which seemed to fit the bad guy persona he had. Interestingly, several people who knew him in the old days had also heard him speak with a very strong American accent.

Several American men were arrested and imprisoned with the help of Al Capone, including Benjamin Franklin, John Dillinger, and Harry Bennett. Other famous personalities who were imprisoned with Al Capone include Governor Ralston Turner, Drexel Burney, Edward Shue, John Pernia, Jimmy Hoffa, and Billie Sol Estes. The only good thing about these men is that they were given light sentences.

The villains were some of the most notorious people of their time, including Teddy Roosevelt, the gangster Whitey Bulger, and the infamous white-collar crimes. After this time, the streets were significantly more violent and criminals were able to be more ruthless and perhaps more dangerous.

Fact or fiction? I guess the movie is both. The truth is that we can never be sure whether what we see on the screen is true, or if it's just a movie...

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