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Every time we go to the movies, the fantasy of watching a movie set in the 1970s always makes us yearn for a Fantasy Island or movie in a theater. As these days seem to revolve around this era, there is a need to identify a movie that will provide us with a satisfying fantasy.

The use of computers and the internet has made the movie industry more mobile. Movies are now being viewed online and most of them have become animated movies, with videos, music and even sound effects online. One can download the movie to their computer and watch it anytime they like.

Thus, there are some online movie that actually provide a relaxing time for the viewers. Fantasy Island is a combination of movies and cartoon characters from the famous ABC television show and the Disney Animation Studios. In this movie, children and adults can enjoy the adventure of Thomas and Friends. The adventures of this cartoon group in the Island of Mr. Willy will definitely keep the entire family and friends entertained for hours.

Fantasy Island is such a popular movie because of its entertaining plot and its interesting and imaginative setting. The story is set in the mythical world called Fantasia, a place that is filled with waterfalls, volcanoes, skyscrapers, lush forests and rich people living in extravagant homes. In this world, everyone has magic powers and magical abilities that can be used for both good and evil purposes.

Magic is used to make the world seem more magical, making everything seems possible and allow all the people to believe in the power of magic. In Fantasy Island, every person has one of their two magical hats - a hat that belongs to the good or the evil side of the spectrum. When a person wears a hat with magic powers, they are declared as a sorceress and has the power to control life and death.

The princess named Nancy Turner is the ruler ofFantasia, but she is married to King George Turner. His son, Willy is the prince of Fantasia and he lives in his castle. However, when his parents are killed by his evil step-sister, his parents' spirit are brought back to the dead. He goes back to the island to take revenge on the sorcerer who killed his parents.

The main character Thomas is an adventurous and lovable kid who is befriended by a group of kids, including Martin Turner, Samuel Turner, Annabelle Turner, and Corinne Turner. He was raised in an orphanage because his parents died because of the sorcerer. When he grows up, he finds his missing parents and realizes that he is not alone in the world. Thus, he becomes the champion of good.

The cast of Fantasy Island includes Danny Bonaduce, Adam West, Reg E. Cathey, Martha Plimpton, Edna Jones, Eileen Brennan, Sal Mineo, John de Lancie, Denise Crosby, Debbie Reynolds, Al Jean, Drew Barrymore, Susan Strasberg, and Chris Noth. With these memorable names, the movie will surely keep you entertained. If you are a fan of Fantasy Island, then Fantasy Island is definitely one of the best movies ever made.

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