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When the mission ends, redemption begins 2020/4/24 116 min.


As previously mentioned in the synopsis of the Film, Extraction is the sequel to the video-movie entitled, Manifest Destiny. Some viewers may think that this movie seems similar to the latter. However, this is not the case. Movie watchers can note that while the former features mainly men, the latter has a majority of women.

However, like the earlier movie, the makers of the Extraction wanted to make it more interesting and complex for both men and women to watch it. It was through such efforts that they have succeeded to achieve such.

After its predecessor, a lot of people said that this film will succeed to the point that it can surpass its predecessor. It has been seen that there are different versions of the story that have been introduced by different people. However, the basic concept remains the same. Extraction focuses on the experiences of a man who is part of a unit that was sent out from Germany to the Gulf of Mexico.

Wide-range of scenes are featured in the film. A number of people can clearly spot that these scenes can be better watched from the sides rather than from the front.

Since the main theme of the movie is, the man's experiences during his seven months in the Gulf of Mexico, different men may have different reactions towards it. The main theme of the movie concerns the man's experiences and it even shows him as he escapes from a desert environment. It is during this time that he realizes that life is different from what he had imagined.

Since this film was made with a male perspective, some people say that it can be biased towards men. However, it is also stated that men can enjoy watching the film as well as can appreciate it in a way that does not diminish their masculinity. In other words, while some women may find Extraction boring, there are men who will actually feel that the movie has some positive impact on them.

There are many who consider the movie an excellent example of character development that depicts real lives. While the film doesn't show the whole life of the man, it shows the changing and expanding of his personality towards it.

Overall, Extraction presents a number of important information about life, relationships, cultures, nations, societies, politics, economics, etc. in a more realistic way. This way, the viewer is able to understand the lives of others better and gain some insights about the things that are happening in today's world.

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