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He's just not a people person. 2020/1/1 101 min.


The movie Dolittle is a delightful fairy tale. The story centers around a pixie called Sarah who lives in the woods. She wants to be a Cinderella but can't do so because she has one flaw that makes her not able to marry the prince. So she will try to find a way to become a mime and a dancer when she leaves the woods.

The story of Dolittle begins when her mother sets up a Dolly in the woods where she will be cared for. Sarah doesn't care and doesn't want her to stay because she thinks it is dirty. The Dolly comes back to life and jumps to the ground. Sarah finds out that it was a baby doll that was in her wardrobe, so the Dolly falls and gets her some dust.

When Dolittle is seven years old, she will get her first proper dress from her mother. While her mother is washing her, a white snake will come out and attack her but as soon as she turns around, the snake will get eaten by Dolittle. That snake then turns into an orange horse that is called Lil' Daisy.

Lil' Daisy then runs away to seek her love that she got while at the circus. Meanwhile, Sarah gets a cat called Gobbles and she teaches him how to dance, a complicated dance that doesn't seem to fit with his little body. But that is because he has the ability to tell the animal mind that it's singing when it's actually doing something else.

Dolittle is interested in dancing but she will never get a chance because she will be performing in a traveling show called the Magicians. The show is in the hills and the costumes will be presented by a mime named Mr. Vause. Once he sees that her costume won't match his, he will want to be the one to go on a date with her.

The two will then take a plane and then go to Las Vegas, where the couple will begin to start a relationship. They will be partners in a hotel but in that hotel, the staff won't like them. But when they are on their trip, they will meet the prince in the ship in the ocean. He will also want to do a private dance and they will both go on their journey.

When they finally reach the spot where the prince and the pixie dance, they both end up in a disastrous spot. The Prince will be killed but Sarah will be hit with a mist of dark magic and she will fall into the depths of darkness. And then she will get saved by a yellow bird named Piggy, who will fly to the place and rescue her. But later that night, Sarah will be seen dancing with the prince.

And then the movie is over and Dolittle is living happily with her family in a music video. The movie was really enjoyable and is one of the favorite fairy tale movies to watch. It is fun and exciting and you can't miss the colorful characters and their different dances that you will see in this movie.

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