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Dangerous Lies (2020)

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2020/4/30 96 min.


If you are wondering what The Deadly Assassin and Dangerous Lies are about, you might have already guessed. The film has been made for the first time ever to be shown on the Internet and will be the most expensive TV series to be aired in the US. It is an exciting and an interesting show for online viewers.

It is a risky business, as these two movies are, especially when it comes to shooting movies on the Internet. You don't know when they might be re-released and what might happen with the distributors. All you know is that if you want to see your favorite movie again, you better wait till after a few months. This is because the networks take much of their revenue from the DVDs sold, even though these DVDs are bought by viewers as well.

The Deadly Assassin is based on the first season of the Deadly Copies series and the sequel series, which were filmed on location in Britain and Spain. The three surviving characters from the first season have come back to film the sequel of their first series and all the resources have been recycled for this new series. Dangerous Lies is a sequel to the Death Valley Dead, which is also the second season of the Deadly Copies series.

The main stars of the Deadly Assassin series are the aforementioned Sam Torrin, who was not seen in the first season, but was actually one of the actors that won an Academy Award for his performance in Traffic. He plays the role of "the amoral cop", and the series director is Mark Gatiss, who were in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but he will return for the third season of the Deadly Copies series. The producers are both fans of the first series and of the second. The character played by Torrin in the second season was named Lancelot (before Lancelot), and he was killed in the second episode of the show, the famous one where everyone cried out "Mother!"

The actresses playing the other two women in the Deadly Assassin series are the actress Angie Fee and the star of BBC's adaptation of The Great Gatsby; Ben Whishaw. They were both the leading ladies in the famous ITV drama that was inspired by the true story of the rivalry between F Scott Fitzgerald and Robert Kiyosaki. The actresses playing Dangerous Lies' leading character are the singer Chrissie Hynde and the director, Michael Finch.

The director, Michael Finch, made a series of teasers for his forthcoming series. The teasers show the character of a ruthless character named Samantha, who will be introduced in the second episode of the season. She plays the part of an international terrorist and is an expert in art theft. The series is set in Morocco and the characters all have a sense of humour, unlike the men in the show, who are more serious about their crime.

The Dangerous Lies, or the second season, is expected to be released next year. The show can be watched online, although the official website is down at the moment. I guess this is to avoid breaking any legal or copyright laws by advertising on the Internet.

The Deadly Assassin will be out for the Internet viewers later this year. Stay tuned!

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