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Based on the book of the same name by James Patterson, the film adaptation of the bestselling book by Stephen King has generated an impressive interest from viewers around the world. Those who have not yet viewed the film are advised to reserve a few days for its viewing, because the anticipation is high among viewers. Even those who have watched the film, prefer to wait for a later time to see it again, as they want to watch the sequel of the adaptation, in order to get a complete picture of the original book.

The popularity of the movie is not surprising at all, as it is based on a bestseller, and an author with many more novels under his belt. This popularity also comes with the fact that the film was released worldwide and was nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture. This is what created further interest for the movie. People were hooked by the bold and action-packed storyline that was written by James Patterson, who had been inspired by his own experiences of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

During the course of the movie, there is a lot of suspense and drama that creates a powerful story line. Even those who have read the book were able to distinguish some subtle differences between the book and the film. The adaptations of the novel in different media had been received positively by viewers. All those who had not yet seen the film, therefore, are encouraged to watch it again and view it again.

It was James Patterson, who was given the task of adapting the book into a screenplay, after he finished writing the story line. His goal was to bring the novel to the screen in a way that would be acceptable to audiences, while not going overboard and deviating from the original story. For this reason, he and the team that worked on the film had to come up with several innovative ideas, to bring about the changes that were needed. In addition, the movie also brings out the emotional impact of the book.

James Patterson did not let himself be distracted from his original aim, to express the real life anxiety and tension that are caused by people who suffer from anxiety attacks. As a result, the drama is brought out so well, that you do not need to have reading a comic book to enjoy the movie. Many people have said that the movie has the power to literally take you to another world.

The movie has been made available online, so viewers are able to download the full version of the movie, which includes all the cuts, dubbing and additional scenes, in a format that is optimized for playing online. There are many available online movie portals, where one can watch the movie without downloading it.

If you are not able to download the movie online, you can also watch the movie at any of the online sites that offer the movie in multiplexes format. The movie is available in three formats, which include standard definition, HD and Ultra HD. Most of the online portals have the version of the movie in these three formats, so you can easily watch the movie on your preferred device, which could be a PC, laptop or even your mobile phone.

All those who have watched the movie, love the scenes of the broil in the diner, and also love to see Johnny Depp in his role of 'The Shining's Jack Torrance. The scene of his burning his clothes was very realistic and made the entire sequence very intriguing.

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