Brahms: The Boy II
Brahms: The Boy II (2020)

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2020/2/20 86 min.


Brahms: The Boy II is an online serial played by players all over the world on the World Wide Web. With a strong online presence and in depth reviews, the game has actually managed to provide players with an experience that can only be described as an artful piece of art. The rich sounds and visuals of this game make it an interactive pleasure for everyone to watch.

The life of Brahms was as familiar as his compositions, composed after a life spent in a monastery, under the guidance of one of the greatest artists of his age, Abraham Lebenberg. As he developed his sound and image, he found a way to interact with the reader and the listener, which can only be done through serial reading and discussion. This enabled him to bring out his feelings and emotions from within him.

You can imagine the inner turmoil he felt when he heard a comment that he considered insulting to the ears. That was his last encounter with a fellow composer, named Alexander Andrea, but this did not discourage him from continuing his work.

He eventually met Bardolus and Eugen Wilhelm. This small company proved to be the beginning of a long association that lasted for almost three hundred years. Not all of them were happy to be in this association. This became a time for several infighting, miscommunication and misunderstandings, that eventually led to some conflicts.

However, Brahms was happy enough with his long association with the company and took it as a sign that he had indeed made the right decision in joining it. Though he was not in good terms with all of them, Brahms continued his association and remained faithful to his artistic dreams. On the contrary, this left him lonely.

He needed a company that would let him express himself. His story began when he was about twenty-two years old, when Abraham Lebenberg asked him to compose for him. Though Brahms loved music, he found it difficult to sit still for long periods of time, especially when he had to work in concert with other musicians.

However, Brahms was not just contented with his present life. He wanted to fulfill his childhood dream and become a composer. And he felt he could do so only if he got to work with great people.

As a result, he came up with a plan to get rid of all the strife between him and his colleagues, he decided to take refuge with a friend and asked him to be called Bartholomew. However, as the name Bartholomew suggested, Brahms ended up calling him The Brahm. They worked together for a couple of years until they both decided to leave their company.

Original title Brahms: The Boy II
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