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Blood and Money (2020)

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2020/5/15 N/A min.


"Blood and Money" are an old fashioned film which was developed in Italy and has gone on to become a classic. This classic film focuses on four stories which take place in an Italian town in the year 1669. It tells the story of the three brothers who run a cloth-making factory and their families.

The movie is full of scenes of brutality and is an utter masterpiece for its time, showing a city destroyed by war, destruction, violence and mass murder of young children. The story tells how one boy, Giovanni, was kidnapped and was taken to a human sacrifice place.

Because of social unrest, social disorders were all around the town and blood was everywhere. It shows an old Italian man being beaten by a mob of children. It shows a young boy being struck and his mother beaten by her husband.

This movie is full of crime and violence, but it is not a true story. There are not any real people involved in this movie. There are no people who died in the Italian wars. There is no real history of Italian history.

I cannot explain how much I enjoyed this movie as it did not use any particular elements of Italian history, its actors did not speak Italian, and the actors did not live in Italy. However, I was glad that there was something about this movie that was non-true.

"Blood and Money" did not focus on the European War of 1914-1918. However, it does show the actual Italian disaster of war. It shows the actual Italian hero, Giovanni, being held hostage, but does not explain the actual incident that took place.

The film was based on the Old Testament story of Jacob and his sons. It told the story of how three brothers were given a piece of cloth to make, but it was stolen and they were unable to find the thief.

This movie takes on the role of Jacob's journey into Canaan to find his son because he was taken captive by the enemy and was in danger of being killed by them. After Jacob's return, he has to save his children and two of his wives, Esau and Leah.

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