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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

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Ride together. Die together. 2020/1/15 124 min.


Bad Boys For Life, is the latest movie to be released from the Serie. It is scheduled to be released on June 19th. This movie tells about a young boy who lost his father in a gun accident and now he has to raise his brother. But there is a dark secret running underneath this movie, as it shows how these two young men are forced to go against their normal lives.

There are some character scenes in this movie that are pretty graphic. The director showed me the scenes where the guns were drawn and the story was shown. He showed me some of the more violent moments during the scene and some of the reactions from these actors. However, the scenes were still relatively mild compared to what the characters were going through on screen.

I watched the opening scene with the bad boys for life, talking about the day that was coming up. They all were extremely excited because they were having a great time of the day. We then are introduced to a character who lives across the street from them. She is a mother of three boys. In this scene, she walks by their house and sees the three kids who are covered in bruises and cuts.

The mother is very upset when she sees her children without any clothes on. She is trying to put on a pair of pants and the children are yelling at her that she needs to change because their dad told her that he was going to find a job that was going to provide for them. The mother then takes off in a hurry because she hears the words "Bad Boys For Life" coming from outside.

The scene was described to me as very graphic and violent but it looked to be one of the strongest points of the movie. The scene also shows a character called The Stoner, who is a criminal and a drug dealer. This scene was shown during a robbery gone wrong, where the bad boys for life want to try to steal a car.

This scene begins with one of the characters holding the baby and calling him over to him and then they move to the back seat of the car where they finally get the car they want. The bad boys for life then drive away in the car and when they stop, the car doors are being opened by the child. The stoner does not see the child so she tries to slam the doors, but she fails and the kid gets out. He tries to grab the car keys but his hand gets caught in the car door so the scene cuts to the Bad Boys For Life who is trying to get hold of the car keys.

The Bad Boys For Life manages to get hold of the car keys and then they run to the scene of the car theft. They then take out the bad guys who are trying to rob the car. The Stoner is then shot by one of the bad boys for life's. In the end, the Bad Boys For Life finds the car and the stoner are dead.

This movie was a lot of fun to watch and while the characters in the movie are young and vulnerable, it still made me laugh. The Bad Boys For Life was not all that bad but the bad part of this movie is that there were a lot of disturbing scenes that should have been edited out. I would have liked to see this movie without the parts that really disturbed me.

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