Zombieland: Double Tap
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Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

Zombieland: Double Tap

2019/10/9 99 min.


In 2009 Zombieland became one of the films of the year. Hooligan, funny, with fantastic action and upward actors like Emma Stone or Jesse Eisenberg. Its enormous success seemed to presage the birth of a film saga. But it was only a wish of the spectators. He was not born with that intention. Perhaps that explains the ten years we have had to wait to see its sequel. Zombieland 2: Double Tap is exactly what we asked for and maintains the essence of what was its predecessor, watch now the movie and see if it's good.

Perfect in its entirety, we accept without any problem or complaint the ten years that have made us wait to see this movie. Zombieland 2: Double Tap signs the same virtues that his first part had. Especially two: the good chemistry among all its actors and a fantastic script for the movie that it is. Here we are not looking for delicacies, we want to have fun, laugh and watch the heads of several zombies burst. We have all that and in industrial quantities.

It was not easy to place the film ten years after the zombie apocalypse lived in the first film. There were no other writers left for a very simple reason: the main cast made such good crumbs that the four must be repeated. And while Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson remain roughly the same, Abigail Breslin has gone from 13 to 23 years. There was no letter to place the action a couple of years later. The jump must be evident. The scriptwriters of Deadpool, one of the hooks of the film, have known how to spin everything perfectly.

A simple plot, that this after all goes to kill zombies, but that fits everything very well, takes us through places and situations known both from other films of the walking dead, as the predecessor of this Zombieland 2: Double Tap. As I said, humor in particular thanks to Wichita -Emma Stone- and Tallahassee -Woody Harrelson-, plus a fun and simple incorporation that lightens the presence of the usual cast. It gives them an air and a typical plot but that works like a shot.

Zombieland 2: Double Tap is once again a movie that, starting from the zombies, opens as a road and buddy movie, watch online the film and judge by yourself it lives up to its predecessor. And in all areas it wins. At times you even wonder if you are laughing even more than with that Zombieland that we fell in love with in 2009. You can tell for good the good vibes of the main cast, which they enjoy as much as the viewer does with them. The appearance of Luke Wilson gives a special game that serves again as a soda in the middle of the movie. Perhaps the director and the writers could be afraid of appearing repetitive, the fact is that, whatever the way, everything is in place.

You have to make a subsection in the main cast. They embroider their papers again. Woody Harrelson shows us again as a chameleonic actor, being the soul of the movie. We already said it at the time: Woody's good improves any film in which he appears. And if we talk about something as good as Zombieland 2: Double Tap, it is accentuated. We are very Woody. Emma Stone is still at a high level. Has this piece of actress done a bad job? Jesse Eisenberg is the perfect partner. It acts like the great balance of Stone and Harrelson, excelling when he plays. Abigail Breslin? She is not that teenager with bad drool that we adore in the first installment, but she has been able to give her role the change she needed.

An adventure that takes us from one place to another in the United States, in which we enjoy the interiors of the White House, with a country collapsed in its entrails, with the King in all its splendor. And without doubt an adventure that leads us to hate the hippies, tired and fantastic counterpoint of the most thug and unleashed Woody Harrelson we remember. Poor, you steal your girl. From nomination to prizes - Enough of ninguneo to the blockbuster comedy! - There are no Twinkies this time, there is the love and love developed in the ten years of separation between one film and another. We have not lived them but we saw it in the first installment.

Hour and a half of unbridled entertainment, of which they do not let breathe. Zombieland 2: Double Tap takes you out of the cinema wanting to make a marathon with the two films of the saga; leaves you wanting to have a third installment in which they repeat their wonderful characteristics. We want rules, we want action, we want to laugh, we want zombies. But above all we want this little band that gets us to enjoy every time we see them together. They are the true soul of Zombieland. For more adventures of Tallahassee, Wichita, Columbus and Little Rock.

Original title Zombieland: Double Tap
TMDb Rating 7 1871 votes

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