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The first video game to be adapted for the Virtual Reality environment was the Vivarium. The concept of such a software installation was to allow for the inclusion of a living Avatar that controlling the environment of a fictional universe. For those unfamiliar with the V-Pet, the Avatar was actually the three dimensional simulation that would reside within the virtual world of the software. The avatar would assist the real life player in performing actions within the virtual world.

Disney had initially been involved in a very successful campaign to sell the Virtual Reality headset that would enable Animal People (Pets) to experience what it was like to live their lives as animals. They claimed that if they were successful in their bid to gain the rights to the V-Pet, the technology would soon open up to allow the public to experience what it was like to live the lives of their own Pets. Unfortunately this was not to be, but the Virtual Reality component did open up for the public in the form of a small movie release called the Vivarium.

This online game was introduced to the public in a virtual reality environment that was also interactive and exciting. The game itself did not have any connection to the actual film. There were several controls for the game that allowed the player to set their own character on the map of the movie. If they wished to change the setting of the environment, then they could do so. If they wished to even take over the role of a previously introduced character from the movie, then they could do so.

The ability to actually play as a Character from the movie was one of the major selling points of the Vivarium. The player did not have to stay within the virtual reality environment of the games and environment. There were some special masks that they could wear during the course of the game. These were able to provide visual effects, and give the appearance of being a character from the film.

When playing the Vivarium, the player would not actually have access to the resources of the movie. They were only able to experience the actions and emotions of their favorite pet characters in the movie. There were some interactive elements included within the environment of the game that was specifically designed to allow the audience to understand the actions of their favorite characters in the movie. These elements were designed to allow the viewer to understand why the actions took place, or why the characters acted as they did.

When playing the virtual environment of the movie, the Vivarium actually contained the characters from the movie. This included characters from the beginning of the film, through the end of the movie. The environment of the Vivarium allowed the audience to interact with their favorite characters, including both the actors and the special effects that they would see as they played the game. This was a very successful application of the V-Pet technology.

There were also many scenes where there were multiple characters from the movie included within the virtual environment. The different characters would be on the street or even inside of a store. There were so many different locations to visit and places to find items, that the user was able to follow along and simply place their virtual gaze wherever they desired. One of the greatest features of the virtual environment of the Vivarium, was the fact that the player was able to travel between any locations within the different areas of the Vivarium at any time.

The popularity of the V-Pet enabled a new wave of popular media applications that were based on the technology used in the V-Pet. It is easy to see how the V-Pet would have eventually had a profound effect on the movie industry, which included the creation of many different types of films that focused on the use of the V-Pet technology. The V-Pet would continue to be an important part of the film industry for many years to come.

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