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The King has Returned. 2019/7/12 118 min.


The Lion King comes as another Disney movie that tries to "revive" the classics after Aladdin this year. From director Jon Favreau who already has experience with this new Disney mode: The Jungle Book 2016; Three years later he staged the classic of Disney classics: The Lion King.

We all know Simba's story, with everything and musicals, dialogues, voices, and favorite characters so it is important for some to be a faithful adaptation to 1994 original and no changes occur that affect both the plot and the characters. This time Favreau manages to adapt almost 80% of all known scenes, but now, one of our favorite stories is transformed into a computer-animated photorealistic remake of the classic movie, watch it now to be amazed by its CGI.

Many, already naive in themselves, felt that it was totally unnecessary to make this film. Well yes, maybe it is. But Disney made it possible, whether we like it or not. So, you have to analyze it. It is important to emphasize that the director's goal is completely obvious: he looks for a documentary-style; wanting to turn the emotions of animals into something more realistic and totally out of fiction.

Where we can't see some occurrences, jokes or musical numbers like the ones we know; but trying to take care of those "feelings" and intentions that each character keeps. We know that the soundtrack is essential in this movie; many of us keep some melancholy for the classics of Hans Zimmer himself, who on this occasion again provides his services in the soundtrack.

Now, we face a film that fights all the time for the concept of “fantasy vs. reality”, with a story almost traced to the one we know, and that enjoys a very good photography style animation, but sometimes feels “Outdated” funds with the character on stage. The first quarter of the film feels a bit slow and begins to shine as soon as "I would like to be the King" sounds but without the characteristic tower full of animals.

The film is largely a documentary because you see the animals almost so real that you could swear that you are watching Animal Planet without problems, but you immediately realize that it is not so when the characters start talking or singing.

Timon and Pumba are the cause of many of the laughs in the cinema, they are the ones who totally steal the movie. And speaking of the classic scenes without wanting to reach the spoiler (although we already commented that it is almost the same as the 1994 version), the film lacks several jokes and cool scenes for obvious reasons of realism, so its justification is justified absence.

For example, Rafiki's scenes are better achieved, because far from the eloquent spark of the wise and old mandrill, he now becomes an interesting and quiet shaman who offers more magic to the Endless Cycle, driving alongside Mufasa one of his scenes as the biggest and most powerful message in the movie; thus keeping the moral feature of the classic.

What happened with Mufasa on the cliff is equally nearly traced, it is as real as watching a lion fall, so you will surely feel the same as when you first saw that scene in 1994. There are moments with Scar that if they lack that sarcastic acid humor that characterizes it; there will be less bitter jokes than you remember. The hyenas are different, and probably suffer the greatest changes; there is a marked rivalry of Shenzi vs. Sarabi quite interesting that develops better than we remember.

The voices are great, they stand out above all of Scar played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Simba by Donald Glover, Billy Eicher as Timon and the one who steals the cameras is that of Seth Rogen as Pumba, which entertains with his jokes.

Regarding the technical, as we mentioned the animation is very good, watch online to see it for yourself, although sometimes it is "outdated". The soundtrack is good, Hans Zimmer, makes the classic moments shine on different occasions, however, there are some musicals that lack that strength that we love as if they lacked power, "Tonight is to love" is one of them. Beyoncé's song, "Spirit" is used in one of the most remembered moments in the original, which this time seems to be even more significant.

In summary, the new adaptation of The Lion King contains some subtle changes from the classic one but that makes it much more understood with realism close to what a documentary is. However, it can be noted that it does not compare with respect to that magic and emotion that the film gave us that we all remember especially for music that sometimes lacks strength.

The new adaptation of The Lion King manages to entertain in its path, with some musical numbers worthy of the version we all know.

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