The Farewell
The Farewell (2019)

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Based on an actual lie. 2019/7/12 100 min.


You probably won't like The Farewell, My Dear Watson. It's an interesting idea, to put the last letter of the serial number into a tribute box. Every DVD has the serial number on the cover, or on the back of the box. But using the serial number in a tribute box is still an intriguing idea.

These tribute DVDs are fairly new, but as of now, the serial numbers have already been done for the many of the series, and this is the first one. I still love the serie of Sherlock Holmes films. Each one was so different, different twists on some of the mysteries, the actors, the stories, the film sets and the villains. This is certainly another variation in the serial numbers and even though I would have liked to see it as a tribute, it just didn't feel right.

Another aspect that was found in all the serie of the serie was the theme. The covers of each one always depicted the main character of the serie, and in this one, the main character is Mr. Watson. The Sherlock Holmes author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put the serial number of the last episode on the cover of The Great Game, and of course, when you get into the series, that number starts increasing from there. In the case of The Farewell, my Dear Watson, they used the serial number of the last episode in a tribute to the late, great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I'm surprised that these movies aren't available online as the sites are much better than they used to be. In the past, it was impossible to even look at the movies because the websites were so poorly designed. They had one page for the serial number, and then a second page to advertise the "items" you could buy with that serial number. No way to go past the one page. Now, you can simply go to any site and see the entire serial numbers, and if the serial number is included, you can read the books directly from the site.

They also offer "special offers" that are not on the sites, but only on the sites that do offer them. All you have to do is click on the link to the site and then click on the offer that best matches your needs. Like with everything else, the offers change over time, so be sure to check the website often to be sure you're getting the best deal. Online shopping is becoming more popular every day, so keep up with what's hot.

If you want to see a movie based on the serie, then I would suggest going for the "Mystery of the Mummy" series. Like the serial numbers, they're on the covers and they are also available on the site. If you're just looking for a piece of art, then there are some nice online galleries to choose from.

One thing I learned about the serie of the serie is that most of the serial numbers are fictional. There's only one serial number that has more than one film. The serial number for the finale of the series, "The Great Game", was used in all three of the movies, but the number used in the final movie was not used in the previous two. When it comes to the serie of the serie, we can't talk about the movies as we are talking about the entire serie of the serie.

The serie of the serie is still great, and I'm looking forward to seeing more serie of serie. The first three movies aren't out yet, but we'll find out which ones are really worth watching, and which ones are rubbish. This one seems to be one of the more memorable movies. I'd certainly recommend it, and if you don't mind seeing your beloved serie being played out over the internet, it's definitely worth the watch.

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