Spies in Disguise
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Spies in Disguise (2019)

Spies in Disguise

Super Spy. Super Fly. 2019/12/4 102 min.


Known for projects such as "Ice Age" and "Ferdinand" Bluesky’s Studio surprises again with "Spies In Disguise".

The past 2019 presented several animated tapes, but one that caught the attention of young and old was “Spies In Disguise” unites two great actors like Will Smith and Tom Holland, well known for being a man in black, a lamp genius and the other; but no less important for standing out in the Marvel world for being the new and amazing Spider Man.

However, although they endowed each of their characters in this film, it was not at the box office or in the audience the success that maybe, bluesky, disney and century fox expected it to be.

The superspy Lance Sterling and scientist Walter Beckett are almost opposite poles. There comes a point when everything seems to change unexpectedly, so they hace to learn how work as a team in a way they never did before, so that they prevent the world from the danger that approaches it.

Ok cinephiles, once this is understood, the plot seems interesting when Sterling is turned into a dove; There it becomes something interesting and funny for the viewer because the humor is quite good and visually complement dialogues very well with the jokes offered by the film.

However, I particularly believe that it does not connect its one hundred percent with the audience, perhaps the nostalgia factor is too marked in a teaching of "the good are the good and the bad will always be bad." But, to your advantage this message is clear to the little ones who enjoy this movie.

Within history of Spies In Disguise, it is sometimes difficult to recognize what the main conflict is, since it is due to the search for a villain who does not have a personality as strong as those who get used to in action movies, but who softens the plot , it helps a lot to not fall into negative concepts and entertain the public, which apparently is one of the main purposes in this animation, watch online the movie to see what we're talking about.

At times, predictable and for others then, the directors Troy Quone and Nick Bruno are determined to make clear the main message or the third idea of ​​this film giving unexpected moments in the course saying that the goodness of "man" or " human being in general ”cannot be corrupted when instilled from the main school called home.

This noble and naive part of the film belongs to the scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland), a lesson that in an original and a bit "weird" way teaches the super spy and something conceited of Lance Sterling (Will Smith).

But that once together, they could become like a kind of ... mmmm "new men in black" in cartoon. (Hahaha)

The spectacular thing about this movie is the amount of visual effects it offers, in addition the soundtrack is quite good since many of the scenes are well congenital or say that they generate a suitable atmosphere for each moment.

The laughs are not lacking, for such funny characters that, each in their own way make up an inseparable duo, watch now the movie and see it for yourself.

I emphasize that the movie is entertaining, it is fun and that the message is well impregnated in the viewer.

So, if Will Smith doesn't take you to see this tape just to listen to it with an extremely charismatic character, then maybe Tom Holland seems extremely funny to you with an eloquent and good-hearted young man to invite you to see this fusion of talent, action and comedy.

Original title Spies in Disguise
TMDb Rating 7.5 575 votes

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