Spider-Man: Far from Home
Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

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It’s time to step up. 2019/6/28 129 min.


The greatest Spider-Man cartoon film ever was in the year 2020 and the sequel "Spider-Man: Far From Home" is highly acclaimed movie. The previous movie had some problems as well but the series continued after that and this time it was even better. The movie starts when Spidey finally finds his way back to New York from outer space.

It is a great tension of course as we are going to see how he is going to get back home without getting any injuries. While on the way, a girl called Honey Pot creates something, which is a spaceship, which will take them all the way back to Earth.

When the ship gets shot by some bad guys, which was the bad guy named Flammid that didn't want the girl to leave with the superhero, there were no casualties and only minor damages and burns. After that happened, there is a big debate between Spider-Man and the newbie Captain Stacy.

Then Captain Stacy meets a mysterious lady and they talk about who the mystery lady is and if she knows anything about Spider-Man's past. They start to be close and Stacy realizes he is falling in love with her and wants to find out more about her.

Suddenly the ship crash lands and soon the human gangster goons are finding out about the secret interdimensional ship crash landing in New York. There are huge risks if the ship is left alone and most of the major superhero groups are standing in the way of this secret ship.

Meanwhile, Spidey and Honey Pot is just taking a stroll when they run into a nice old guy, and they discover the whole idea of the giant space ship. They meet the leading Russian super villain that has been waiting for so long for this chance to destroy it.

The plan of the villain is to plant a bomb in a private plane and send it to Manhattan and from there explode. This gives the villain's time to go inside and have their meeting with the evil Russian mastermind.

The bad guys fly away to an unknown destination and Spidey is holding a get together and he invites the help of Spideyers, Vorpal, his friends at Godaddy and Cyber Doom along with Killer Kilowatt, Double-Jet, Doc Ock, Guts, Jay and Terry Crews. The movie finishes in an awesome way. The villains leave to the unknown but they are up to their old tricks, and this time they plan to make sure the space ship doesn't get too far away.

Original title Spider-Man: Far from Home
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