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Act like you own the place. 2019/5/30 133 min.


The movie "Parasite" is a good example of horror in a different genre. The movie starts with its main character, Alicia Pram, returning home from a week long vacation to her uncle's house in Connecticut, where she spent most of her time. After an accident that was discovered by the police who found her uncle's car in an unusual shape and situation, it's not difficult to figure out what caused the accident and how it affected Alicia.

When Alicia finds out that she is suffering from a disease called "parasite" and while it was discovered that she could heal herself through yoga, her uncle's car accident has left her paralysed. With her life spiralling out of control as the odds against her slowly rise, she meets James, a renowned hypnotist, who believes that she is an incarnation of "Parasite". This is a sort of a dream that she finds herself having whilst in a trance. Both of them however, become caught up with an unknown evil that lurks inside a young girl who also has the ability to heal herself through the art of yoga.

The movie's theme is basically about the theme of reincarnation. Alicia also struggles to find a peaceful and normal life with James, who in return, for the two of them, seems to want to leave her alone. However, her birth mother who also appears in the movie also has the ability to heal herself through the practice of yoga.

Being a personification of the "Parasite" myth, she is portrayed as having a different skin color, long dark hair and a feline kind of face. Another way in which the movie portrays her character is the fact that she can move in and out of a trance through a type of telepathy. One of the things that makes this movie unique is the way in which it portrays a more technical and scientific approach to the science of yoga. It helps the audience to get to understand the mystical aspects of the actor's acting, which also helps to enhance the success of the film.

What's more, the movie that works is one that doesn't rely on jump scares, gore or anything like that. It also doesn't have an overuse of violence, nudity or any other type of vulgarity. Instead, it is a refreshing take on an otherwise mundane story that turns out to be a scary and memorable one as well.

The story is exciting and leaves the viewer wanting to know what the movie will bring next, but the fact that it's not all that thrilling does not mean that it's a bad movie. In fact, as a horror movie, the movie is a very effective and creative one. What makes it better is the fact that the viewer gets to see the inner workings of both characters in the story. The movie really managed to put the viewer inside Alicia's character, in a way that makes you feel like you are inside the movie as well.

However, this movie had a bit of a hit-and-miss start. The movie had its moments when the plot started to get complicated and the pace of the movie got a bit random. However, it did have some memorable scenes and the actual final chapter in the movie was well made and moved by the right kind of suspense.

For all the good it's done in terms of the plot twists, the movie also does have one or two flaws. The final sequence of the movie felt quite abrupt, and some scenes just didn't really work for me, mostly because of their bad scripting. On the whole, this is not a bad movie but one that certainly fall short in its potential.

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