Motherless Brooklyn
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Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

Motherless Brooklyn

2019/10/31 145 min.


'Her Story' is a wonderful new film directed by Brian Helgeland. It has been dubbed as a modern day Sherlock Holmes movie with the setting of Brooklyn. This is a very good film and worth watching.

'Her Story' starts off with a series of strange cases involving a mysterious doctor from the highly regarded and successful hospital in Brooklyn, The Specialty Hospital for the Neglected Diseases. Now it becomes evident that this doctor seems to be on the same wavelength as Sherlock Holmes. He watches over one Harry Bates, a paralysed patient and to his surprise Harry will not let his secrets go. However, the more he watches Harry, the more he feels drawn towards him.

In fact the very first scene of 'Her Story' sets the tone for the entire series. The doctor is seen here, keeping a close eye on a very beautiful patient, Dr Margaret Thornton (played by Melinda Clarke). Her mind is on overdrive trying to create a surgical operation that will bring her two little children back to life. This is just one of the many scenes that gives a sense of how awesome the story is going to be.

The doctor gets the case right away and finishes the operation on time. With this she becomes the target of revenge from his arch nemesis, Dr Shor. The series gets off to a slow start but it starts to pick up after this second case.

There are many things that set this story apart from the others. One such aspect is the character of Jamey Pierce (played by Theodore Melfi). He is a woman whose life was turned upside down when her unborn child died.

'Motherless Brooklyn' is a small collection of scenes. However, it is well paced and very well made. It definitely has the feel of a Sherlock Holmes novel, even the dialogues sound like it. Of course, this is not the case, but still it gives the feel of the kind of stories this movie is about.

At the end of the day it is the story that you should be interested in and the story of the doctor and the woman at the center of the story. It's a simple plot but it is also very complex and intriguing. I would recommend the film to anyone looking for a great watch with an interesting plot.

I had no idea that the movie I saw would be the reason for a lawsuit. The movie actually blew me away and I was thoroughly entertained. 'Motherless Brooklyn' is one of the best films of the year and I cannot wait to see what the film is going to do next.

Original title Motherless Brooklyn
TMDb Rating 6.9 410 votes

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