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The best of the Little Women movies are generally the ones that had a profound effect on both the viewer and the characters. If you are just a beginner and you are not aware of the names of the characters, you would likely watch one of the earlier Little Women movies. However, the better-known Little Women films were the ones that had to deal with more plot developments and character development.

In the first of the three types of early film called The Mikado, the prefect heroine that has been condemned by the court of Kings for being a servant of the Court of Love is sent by the King to London where she was destined to live. The character is sent by the King and Queen to create chaos in England by every means. The character acts as a strong member of the foreign army that invaded England which included commoners as well as Indians.

For the second of the movieland's opening films, The Canterbury Tales, the character Lord and Lady Christine is famous by the name of Scrooge and Lucille respectively. They are two servants who were loyal to the local farmer but they suddenly met each other while Lord (the farmer) was getting his crops well. Lord is determined to have his revenge and did everything to get back at the couple.

The character Christine was also known as Catullus because of her looks. She was a servant who committed suicide because of her lovers which led the couple to live together. The only friend of the couple is seen in the movie called Judas. Lord (the farmer) tried to sell a young girl in order to get the money that he needed.

All the characters of the films are not human. The character of a lion was actually a horse. The horse was named Dagon. The lion as well as the character named Robin were two lions which were responsible for stealing the daughters of the King in the earlier movies of the serie.

However, they were not human but only a person acts as the wild beast that were used to be servants to the kings. They were trained by the King's servants. The only difference between them and the human characters is that they do not belong to a family but are for self.

There are certain similarities between the movie and the real life situations. The main character of the movie and the main character of the book are generally the same person. The main differences in the main characters of the books and the movie is that there is no marriage in the novels as opposed to the character in the movie who later on marries.

The movie may be a fictional story, but the character was able to portray the real-life happenings of the characters. The characters, especially the one named Robin are very much similar to the ones portrayed in the Little Women series.

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