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Jojo Rabbit (2019)

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An anti-hate satire. 2019/10/18 108 min.


Just like in any other animated film, the overall look of Jojo Rabbit is really amazing and entertaining. This charming and funny movie has already been generating a lot of success in the movies industry.

The film Jojo Rabbit tells the story of a rabbit named Jojo who're having a bad habit to stealing other people's stuff and just like any other animal, he also loves to steal. However, what sets Jojo Rabbit apart from other movies is that this time around he actually is a good person and he just happens to be the main character of the story. He is the illegitimate son of the mayor of Rabbit Kingdom.

Jojo's mother, Lady Bird, who was brought up with only what she can do, a rich rat who owned a TV Station, soon after Jojo's birth, was killed. It was discovered that she'd been raped by her own employee, an extremely selfish and merciless man who's also a dirty thief. She passed away shortly after Jojo's birth, leaving him with a bitter resentment towards her, being that he himself became a typical criminal. That was the start of Jojo's life.

When Jojo was very young, his father left and Jojo became the sole caretaker of his grandmother. He learned a lot from his grandmother, having her teach him the difference between right and wrong and how to respect things. In his childhood, he was taken by his mother to a TV Station where his mother was employed as a news reporter and as a result, he was exposed to all kinds of television programs and news.

Soon after, Jojo took it as his duty to become a reporter as well, first at the biggest TV Station in Rabbit Kingdom. Jojo was able to collect most interesting information and what's more, because of this, he gained the reputation as an expert. Jojo had finally arrived at the stage where he was able to take on his rivalas his rival, a well-known TV personality named Bunny. To gain his support and recognition, he'd managed to convince Rabbit King Dario to let him broadcast a special program on behalf of his cousin's television station, and from that point, Jojo was able to get famous.

With his popularity is growing steadily, he decided to turn it into a movie, to take advantage of this and make some money out of it. His idea was to make a film based on Jojo Rabbit called Jojo and the Hyenas. He, like any other movie producers, invested a lot of money into the production of this movie.

He first approached Jojo's creator, Hirohiko Araki, who said yes. However, while there was a lot of interest for this project from an outside perspective, the Japanese population was just too tight-lipped about it. No one wanted to know and they were afraid of hearing about a rabbit movie coming from an American. After some more talking with the creators of Jojo, Hirohiko Araki and Masahiro Sakurai, Jojo Rabbit Movie was put into production.

Despite the lack of popularity and money given to the movie, Jojo Rabbit Movie gave another bestseller to this series: Hirohiko Araki's Jojo. As you can see, there are many ways in which the success of Jojo and the Hyenas will remain in your memory and will surely make you more eager to watch the movie.

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