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You'll Float Again 2019/9/4 169 min.


A few weeks ago, part of the American press had the opportunity to see It: Chapter 2 for the first time, and from its impressions a certainly encouraging picture was drawn. Many praised the role of Bill Hader, Pennywise's intensified terror, and general feelings after the end. However, the assembly by fascicles and the abuse of flashbacks ballasted the experience for many others. These opinions have ended up consolidating this Tuesday in positive but remarkably contained criticisms, watch now the movie to have your own opinion.

Is it better than the first one? This question forced by the sequel condition has left Andy Muschietti's film in a very dangerous terrain. Although it is still early to draw definitive conclusions, for the moment the second installment of the adaptation has debuted with lower ratings than the original movie. Metacritic sports a 61 note based on 24 reviews (the first one has 69), while Rotten Tomatoes debuts with an 84 approval (the first one has 86) based on 32 articles.

How to beat the highest-grossing horror movie of all time? Andy Muschietti had an almost impossible chimera before him, and he knew that the formula had little room for purification. That particular mixture of slasher of molten plastic texture with the eighty vitality of Richard Donner, formed an invincible golden cocktail. Warner Bros. executives were clear that the sequel should follow the same pastiche, but there was an important factor that prevented it: Stephen King himself. The original novel was built on a complex scaffolding that was impossible to move with the same effectiveness. A new solution had to be proposed, and that would have consequences.

When dismantling the original narrative of the book, the Argentine director faced an irregularity impossible to save. The Losers Club's fight against Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) would no longer take place in parallel between the past and the present - with constant temporary leaps between children and adults - but would be cooked separately. The first assault was agile, intriguing, and very terrifying, but the second looked avocado to repetition and dead ends. It: Chapter 2 moves away from the Manichaean confrontation between good and evil - he does not rule it out at all - that so relieved the rhythm on the first tape, and turns to the duel of each Loser with himself. Everything slows down.

Now, do not be deceived. The intention of both Muschietti and King himself always went through dividing the adaptation into two films, assuming the consequences that this would bring. With this scheme, the exhibition was cleaner and the cast of young stars had more space to create bonds of connection with the public, but they also kept the best piece of the cake. Almost three decades later, the return of Bill (James McAvoy) and company to Derry draws a much less visceral portrait of human terror. The issues that the writer manages in the final resolution of the conflict are heavier and pasty, and by concentrating them on the same tape, they could not be understood as another roller coaster of childhood fears.

The terror that made the first installment successful is very diluted in It: Chapter 2 by a much more dramatic and ambitious approach, watch it online to see it for yourself. This does not make the film a boring or tedious experience, but it does partially distort the skill that Muchietti professed in the genre. What the filmmaker profiled here with ease is an effective sequel that closes each and every one of the loose ends, and that completes an extensive story appealing to coherence and absolute dedication. To the crudest self-improvement of some dramas that over six sticky hours were succumbing to hope.

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