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In The Secret Agent, a new TV series by the Argentinian company Dinamana, an intricate tale of betrayal, deception and high adventure involving the transfer of weapons and machinery, Jean Reno (Olga Ragni) is given two guns which she is taught to use as "Akimbo". In The Secret Agent, Akimbo means "acting double."

Shooting double for one other person makes you look like a double and the gun is nothing more than a prosthetic. But in "The Secret Agent" one can shoot Akimbo with a real gun and thus looks more convincing. The Akimbo look is a truly evil disguise when the other person could not care less if he/she turns out to be a double and goes all the way to the battle field while the lady shoots the enemy with a real gun.

The second gun in the series also appears to be an automatic pistol. The material is that of an armored jacket. The role of the second gun is portrayed by the character Agatha Moniz, who is played by Laura Bron, whose previous movies were "Lisztomania"To Scatter Bullets."

In the premiere episode, which was aired on television, when the mystery woman shows up, Marilia's girlfriend can't help but comment on how attractive she is. Marilia replies: "She's beautiful, isn't she?" And then as if Marilia was referring to herself, she continues: "I don't think I've ever seen anyone look so good, I have to say."

Both the Akimbo and the real gun have Marilia's name on them. She doesn't wear any clothes, except for the armored jacket, which doesn't seem to be much of a change from the woman in the "The Secret Agent" series, but her dialogue and looks are different.

There are other moments of similarity, such as when Marilia tells the identity of her accomplice. When asked about his name, she explains the Latin saying "Sarum deducere", meaning "He deduces my name." And then there is the story when she joins up with the mystery lady and they both talk about some case.

Both talk about their history and how they met and fell in love. "The Secret Agent" took place in the 1970's and the details are being retold by Marilia and the mystery lady. It's possible that Marilia was mentored by someone who trained her with the Akimbo.

Whatever the case, it's possible that Marilia may be an Akimbo of the future, because in "The Secret Agent," the top secret agents are not allowed to carry guns because they are so dangerous. One problem with akimbo is that your actions are hardly believable. Although the mystery lady in "The Secret Agent" was able to shoot several people in just one shot, the other agents had to come up with a lot of complex stories to convince the audience that she did not shoot them with a gun.

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