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The past is not what it seems. 2019/11/20 104 min.


Now that Frozen 2 is hitting the box office with strength, it's time to talk a little bit about the sequel to one of THE most successful animated movies of all time; Frozen

The movie starring two sisters, one normal and one with a foreign magical power has taken over everyone's hearts since the day it was released, showing a side of Disney that seems more modernized and with a story that talks about freedom, being different, and most of all, that true love can also come from other persons more than our romantic interests, that true love it's not an instant thing, that takes time and trust to love somebody that's really there for you.

But in case you're living under a rock, let's get into the original Frozen first to get in context before getting into the sequel, that you can watch online now.

In Frozen, it tells the story of Elsa and Anna, the two princesses of the kingdom of Arendelle, separated in childhood after an accident caused accidentally by the first. Its power to invoke the cold can have catastrophic consequences, as an ancient prophecy shows, so it is held in the family castle and separated from all contact. But the passage of time makes her the heiress of the throne: she must leave her seclusion to receive the crown and the scepter of power.

After having been repressed for so long, she cannot avoid exposing herself, causing chaos in the coronation ceremony so that she self-exiles to the mountain where she can unleash her icy creative ability by building an icy kingdom and giving life to creatures that they protect her, but also condemning Arendelle to a forced winter.

Disney tries to merge the classic stories with "that something else" that the public is looking for today. In Frozen: the ice kingdom makes a commendable effort to find a complex balance. The story of Hans Christian Andersen is grown by several fantastic creatures that are truly a success despite the fact that they do not end up marrying the design of the characters or their vital plot at all.

Frozen set the bar high for Disney. He won awards right and left and resulted in a real box office bomb that made the story of Elsa and Anna become the highest-grossing animated film of all time.

We were a little scared that Disney would ruin this beautiful franchise making a new sequel just for the sake of the money, but we were wrong. Frozen 2 is the sequel that we did not know we needed, and that not only works as a sequel but also leaves us important lessons with its history. Watch it now to see it for yourself.

Frozen 2 takes the best elements of its predecessor and multiplies them, also knowing how to correct the mistakes that were criticized at the time of the 2013 film. Although it is still a perfectly suitable story for children and a young audience, how to deal with the plots The characters have already taken a more mature and adult twist, showing that the protagonists have grown and become wiser since their first adventure.

It is a film for children who fell in love with the first installment and who are already leaving childhood behind. Frozen 2 tells us about getting older and accepting responsibilities, about the changes that come with the passing of the years and how to deal with them, since they don't necessarily have to be bad. It is a beautiful film, where once again the center is family and love between two sisters despite their differences and that reminds us once again why Disney is one of the giants when it comes to telling stories.

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