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They took the American dream for a ride 2019/11/13 152 min.


An old radio resonates inside a taller mechanical workshop. Ken Miles (Christian Bale) does not pay attention to the sound that required a major car race and continues to fix the vehicle that has more of it. But the emotion transmitted by the narrator of the event, as well as the passion of this man for high speeds, is impossible to ignore.

After the worldwide success that Logan had among the public and critics - which even earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay - James Mangold takes off Wolverine's claws to step on the accelerator inside the world of motor racing. From the hand of the aforementioned Christian Bale (Vice) as well as Matt Damon (Suburbicon: Welcome to Paradise), Ford v. Ferrari lets us see an important, but little-explored part of the microcosm to high speeds: the passion that one carries within the heart.

In the film, Bale gives life to Ken Miles, a man who literally lived until the last second of his life aboard a racing vehicle. The English engineer and pilot wrote a chapter in the history of motoring in the 50s and 60s by winning cups like Sebrin's (1963), Daytona (1966) or the Le Mans circuit the same year.

It is just around that last race that revolves around the heart of Ford v. Ferrari. That competition took place on June 18 and 19, 1966 in Le Mans, France, was the scene of the highest point of the rivalry between the Ford and Ferrari companies for demonstrating who owned the best car in the world. Watch it now to see how it ends.

Of course, the film does not neglect the golden rules that must be followed in the cinema about motor racing. The film has a spectacular sound design by Jay Wilkinson (Fast and Furious 6), which is not limited to give us a bit of that adrenaline it feels to be in a race. This work is complemented by the filmmaker Phedon Papamichael (Oscar nominee for Nebraska), who manages to place his camera at the most exciting points on the track.

There are images that successfully emulate those movements characteristic of video games, which seem to be flying very close to a car at full speed and then be placed just behind it when taking a very tight curve. However, the film not only remains to illustrate the competition on the track but dares to go much further.

Despite having in his hands what is possibly the biggest rivalry in the automobile world - the same that can be known in the interesting documentary The 24 Hour War - James Mangold presents a story that - without losing the essence or spirit of a story about cars - goes behind the scenes or, in this case, inside the auto shops; where there are those who know a vehicle only with the roar of its engine at more than 300 km/h or with the way in which their tires react by taking a sharp curve.

Away from that corporate world, Ford v. Ferrari focuses on the friendship between Miles and Carroll Shelby (Damon), the award-winning driver and car designer. The tape shows us the way in which together they built a vehicle that made history - which even remains a goal to be overcome by the world's most sophisticated engineers; a car that made Henry Ford II cry - and how his biggest challenge was not to defy the laws of physics but to defeat these powerful men who only cared to have a photograph in the media or another trophy in their shelves

The greatest success of the script written by Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth (Edge of Tomorrow) as well as Jason Keller (Escape Plan) is to show us the enormous power of camaraderie and teamwork. It does not matter that one does not live in a world shaken by the roar of an engine at 700 RPM. Anyone can feel identified with what it can cause to work hand in hand for a common goal, even if the trip means swimming against the current.

Maybe that's why both Christian Bale and Matt Damon feel so authentic in these roles. Watch it online to see it for yourself.

Ford v. Ferrari enters and leaves the car tracks at will to show us those moments in life in which one must make the decision to get carried away by that current that has been fighting for so long. And although others find themselves raising a trophy that has your name inscribed everywhere, sometimes you earn more when you lose it.

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