Dark Waters
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Dark Waters (2019)

Dark Waters

The truth has a man on the inside. 2019/11/22 127 min.


Dark Waters is an independent movie about a series of odd mishaps and accidents that sometimes occur at the most unexpected of times. A group of friends form a rock band but things are not as they seem and soon their lives are thrown into chaos when they find out their latest lead singer has been cheating on them. The story is a dark comedy laced with heartache and longing, as the band tries to cope with the aftermath of their recent failures.

Dark Waters has the distinct feeling of being a soap opera, with the characters spending much of their time together in a public place. They could be from any part of the world including Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. The movie is very easy to watch and also entertaining in a funny way.

Dark Waters can be viewed online through most of the popular online movie sites like the M-Box, Watchonline and Hulu Plus. The movie was made to be watched with subtitles, if you are having trouble understanding the movie, subtitles will help you understand the words. Online viewers can share the film with others, and this is great for spreading the word and increasing the number of viewings.

Movie reviews are available on most online movie sites. Dark Waters is rated PG by the MPAA and most movie review sites have a rating range to help viewers decide if they will watch the movie. Movie reviewers agree that the movie has great pace and the plot makes sense, there are no blackouts or endless scenes and the animation is well done.

One reviewer found Dark Waters to be very well acted with a strong supporting cast of characters, some of which were played by stand-ins for the lead characters. The humor in the movie is very funny and at times too zany, especially when the lead characters change their looks. Overall the movie is a good movie with a distinct sense of style.

Some critics of DarkWaters say it is one of the better movies of 2020. The writing is pretty good and the acting is not bad but it's just not quite to par with some of the Hollywood movies of this year.

There are no sequels planned for this movie but an independent movie company is considering making a sequel. The character of Ester, who played by Tiffany DuPont in the movie, was voiced by Anna Culp, who is now known as Heather Barr from Spongebob Squarepants. The characters of Roxanne and Doris are played by the same actress, Tami-Lynn Nagata.

Dark Waters is a movie to watch online because of its humor and the overall style of the movie. It can be found in many online movie sites, which is a good thing for online movie fans, and it is definitely worth watching on DVD as well.

Original title Dark Waters
TMDb Rating 7.4 356 votes

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