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The Coma (2019)

The Coma

Will We Ever Wake Up? 2019/11/19 101 min.


The Coma is a 1995 Japanese movie that stars Toshiro Mifune as a former police detective who finds himself in a coma while investigating a series of murders. He awakes to find out that he may be suffering from amnesia, so he must learn what happened and what he must do next. The movie was a box office success and inspired a series of sequels, TV movies, and many video games.

Entourage is a show created by the creators of The Real World. It follows twelve people on the same show as well as each other as they live, eat, and work in the same hotel room. Each person is also given a cell phone. The premise of this show is that as each member interacts with each other, problems arise that can affect the lives of the rest of the people in the room.

Entourage is another movie from The Coma. It follows the same concept of people working together and trying to solve problems together. This is similar to The Real World, except the interaction between the guests is not as intense.

Entourage is an American spin-off of The Coma. In Entourage, there are 12 people on the same reality show as the ones on The Real World. The spin-off series follows two characters: a housewife and her husband and her brother.

The movie Entourage is directed by Mike Nichols, who also directed Remember the Titans. It was the highest grossing film of the year and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

The Morse Code is a 1990 British television movie directed by Barry Letts. It was inspired by a book called The Code of Silence. The story revolves around John Bunch, a retired army major. He lives in a house near a zoo in London.The Morse Code was made into a movie. Directed by Mike Mills, it starred Anthony Foster and Susan Sarandon. It was quite popular in the United Kingdom. It also inspired a sequel, Moebius; which was also made into a movie.

Movie buffs will want to check out The Coma and The Morse Code. While there are no other movies about criminal investigations, everyone enjoys watching criminals struggle with each other. Add to that the comedy that is born from this and you've got a fantastic comedy that everyone should see.

Original title Кома
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