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Unseen. Undivided. Unstoppable. 2019/11/14 118 min.


It seems a lie, but next Christmas, 'Charlie's Angels' will be twenty years old. Joseph McGinty Nichol's first film, better known as McG, was a breath of fresh air in the 2000 panorama, where fashion was that the dramatic component prevails above all. 

Wire-fu fights every two for three, a lot of humor and a prologue that left the other great opening with wings of the year in diapers, although the second installment of the Impossible Mission Force ended up triumphantly triumphant as the highest-grossing film of the year.

'Charlie's Angels' is still a source of inexhaustible fun. With the pulse of a director on the crest of the wave and with a cast where there is no star that is not having the best time of his life. Well, some of them were a little upset. The differences between Bill Murray and Lucy Liu caused the Ghostbusters to be replaced in the sequel, but their delivery here is commendable, left to the memory some time mark the house.

In 1976 when the first episode of Charlie's Los Angeles premiered, the serial seemed quite novel: three beautiful women (Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith) who were in charge of issues that television used to devote to men. These were times when feminism was an academic exoticism and this was a different contribution; The series lasted until 1981.

At the beginning of this century, the franchise was revitalized with a more modern aesthetic and with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore as the three agents in the service of Charlie, a boss who was a voice on the phone. The first was not bad and the second based his campaign on Demi Moore in a bikini, which gives an idea of ​​the result.

And as, someone says out there, the public is always renewed, this generation had its own Charlie's Angels. Watch it online to find out the pros and cons of this new version of the classic, which counts with fresh faces and performances, with modern style and a new definition of what's sexy or inclusive, going by today's complicated standards.

It's interesting to watch how a director can try to get more juice from a franchise or concept that seemed to be out of chances, or that has been already fully taken advantage of. This is a really big risk for a company like Sony that, although it didn't spend as much money as we're used to hearing for the big blockbusters of nowaday's Hollywood, it's still a big move.

What was once a local agency now become international? The angels of this new version are Sabina (Kristen Stewart) who spends time between blows and sarcasms, Jane (Ella Balinska) and a newcomer Elena (Naomi Scott) and go behind a very rare device that can be a source of energy that could be better for the planer, or a deadly weapon if it falls in the wrong hands (which obviously happens here, duh, if it didn't we wouldn't have any movie).

His Bosley (who was previously a character and is now a position, "Lieutenant" in Charlie's organization chart) is Elizabeth Banks who also wrote and directed it, watch it now to find out how this classic renewed is approached.

It is clear that this is the most feminist in the franchise: the credits show a lot of common women and female solidarity is a weapon as lethal as a bomb. All men (except one) are clumsy and mean. With all that, Banks gets an entertaining movie for times of low demand.

The action scenes are routine, the dressing rooms impeccable, but there is an air of light entertainment that does nothing wrong.

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