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Based on a Real Scandal 2019/12/13 108 min.


The title "Bombshell" is an old fashioned word and it really doesn't fit a series about teenage girls. For the sake of simplicity, the series is called, "The Seria Saga." In this part of the series, the main character, Seria Artefa, tries to reconnect with her father. However, things turn out not as planned and we are left with some very revealing scenes involving her father.

The first season of the show was only available in DVD. This is why I made an article on how to watch online.

So, the storyline of this show revolves around Seria Artefa and her father, Gocculuz, who had moved to Austria. In order to escape with his daughter, he brought her along with him. What happened was that he disappeared after taking some time off from his work, while she found herself alone in the middle of a forest with a group of bandits.

After escaping the bandits, Seria ran into a knight and became his partner. The two would go on adventures and fight off villains together. They also met Yossha, who would become one of their arch enemy. In a nutshell, this series will be about the adventures of Seria and her friends as they try to live normal lives without becoming monsters.

The next season of the show was called "The Seria Saga: Assemble." Although this was supposed to be the final season, the producers wanted to finish the series. On the other hand, the series' original writer left the production so the show would end prematurely. Since the writer left, this season had a big plot twist which you can read more about in my article titled, "Bombshell, Part 3."

The main theme of this season revolved around Seria and Yossha's relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship was not in good condition. This season also featured the show's sequel, "Bombshell, Part 4."

In the sequel, Seria went back to the village where she grew up and learned more about herself. In addition, the two enemies were not so friendly and they fought until one of them dies. Then, the two finally reconcile with each other, but there were a lot of unresolved issues between them.

If you liked the first two seasons of the show, then you should definitely check out the third season because there is a lot more to learn about Seria. I hope you'll check out my articles in the link below.

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