Angel Has Fallen
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Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Angel Has Fallen

Loyalty is under fire 2019/8/21 122 min.


Ric Roman Waugh, a stranger to action movies and that comes from the scenes of the conflict itself; With the 1990s, he stopped doing stunts and began directing screenwriting. Known for his informants and Shot Caller films, this time, Waugh sits in the chair of the director of the third film in the series Has Fallen. Angel Has Fallen, who is more successful than the first two films in the series, owes this success to the director's style and the "action movie" approach. Because the hustle and bustle of the movie don't stop for a moment. The element of tension and action that makes the balance fit very well; Offers a 2-hour asset to enthusiasts.

Like other movies in the series, Gerard Butler is the star of this movie. The life of Butler's character, Mike Banning, is going too well and, unlike the first two movies, he suddenly turns upside down. By prohibiting his loyalty to President Trumbull, whom he is protecting, Banning is a victim of intrigue and is accused of assassinating the president.

In this process, you will guess, Banning is escaping from the endless FBI agent and tearing down endless cars. Suddenly, he becomes the most dangerous agent in the country, and until Trumbull wakes up and witnesses his innocence, Banning is on a road much more insurmountable than any other movie and story.

There is also an acute point where the film distinguishes itself from the two previous films. In this movie, Angel Has Fallen this name change leads to stage individualization, the Angel is symbolized by Banning. It provides a sense of innocence; it overlaps the main limits of the story, repairs the missing parts. But apart from these patches, movement and empathy cannot save the parts of the story. Yes, of course, Banning is cleaning, but why does he always approach the nearest agent? This final written in the script does not talk about adrenaline in our veins, but for highly anticipated viewers. Angel Has Fallen, yes as an action, but does not satisfy the originality.

The most smiling detail is that Banning runs to his old father who lives alone in the forest in the process of escaping from FBI agents. This father turned his back on the government and lived in a camouflaged cabin in the woods, wearing a lumberjack shirt, with hidden passages, and looking through the camera.

So much so that this character reminds Cem Yılmaz-Ali Baba and Kenan Memedov, whom we know of 7 Cüceler. This father with a white beard; was quite surprised by the explosion of approaching agents, explosive traps, and becomes the favorite cast actor of many, supporting the main character and contributing to the flow of the film.

As a result, the Code Name: Angel succeeds in resolving the director's balance of action and tension, but the story is thrown into the background and forgotten there. You can watch online now.

Original title Angel Has Fallen
TMDb Rating 6.1 1312 votes

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