A Rainy Day in New York
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A Rainy Day in New York (2019)

A Rainy Day in New York

Written And Directed By Woody Allen 2019/7/26 92 min.


The movie's A Rainy Day in Brooklyn or Miami Beach was released in the U.S. in 2020 and has since been categorized under some of the top grossing romantic comedies in history. This film tells the story of two artists, Mark and Julie, who are moved to Miami to live with their son Stuart after his death.

This movie revolves around their journey to reconnect with the ones they lost along the way and finally move out of the boy's apartment. Their last connection with their father was him working as a card dealer at a gambling casino on Broadway. As far as their family is concerned, the two artists do not have a future. Mark has to look for employment, whereas Julie's family believes that she cannot be a good person.

A Rainy Day in New York takes the viewer through both characters' experiences. They are much more at home in their New York City apartment than with their family and friends. However, this does not mean that they are lonely and unmotivated.

Mark can not find work because he does not have a college degree, although he worked as a waiter in a restaurant before his parents died. However, he did not graduate high school. At first, Mark did not know how to live without his mother, who is deaf, and he still lives in the apartment in which she was raised.

Mark's brother Andrew lives with his wife and three children. Their living conditions are much better than Mark's but his brother is actually the most motivated character in the film.

Julie, on the other hand, can live a happy life in a condominium where she works in sales. Despite this, Julie has never shown any emotion or even cared about her son for whom she was raised. But her ex-husband Greg has moved to Florida with his son, so Julie has to get used to living in a new city with new people.

In order to ensure the survival of her children, Julie looks for a job in a tropical climate, making contact with Mark. However, Mark is disgusted by her appearance, which is much thinner than her body size. She tries to avoid him, but after two weeks, she finds him in the bathroom with a towel.

The sad truth about the film A Rainy Day in New York is that it contains no happy ending. In fact, the only one who is happy is Greg, who just happens to meet Julie at her window.

Original title A Rainy Day in New York
TMDb Rating 6.6 755 votes

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