21 Bridges
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21 Bridges (2019)

21 Bridges

The only way out is through him 2019/10/24 99 min.


Though initially it may seem as if the "21 Bridges" are nothing more than an annoying guest, there is a lot more to this movie. The film, based on a French novel, was actually written by a very famous author named Jean-Pierre Léaud, and the plot has been borrowed from his previous works. "21 Bridges" was produced by Pierre Morel and Vincent Sieber, who are the writers of the "Zodiac" series. Both of these directors have received several awards for their movies, so "21 Bridges" can be said to be somewhat of a success.

The main character of the story is a mentally ill woman named Jenny in bed with many men. But then, one day, she learns that she is actually pregnant, and she decides to have an abortion. Soon after, Jenny realizes that she is about to be called to testify against her husband, and she begins to suspect her husband of being involved in the murder of his wife.

What ensues from this is a second chance for Jenny and for the man she loves. They start to get involved in some wrongdoings, and while the man tries to deny any involvement, the woman starts to lose all of her respect for him.

Every single step of the way there's a new "trial" that comes along, so to speak. This means that the movie actually becomes about the trials that a woman has to go through in order to find out the truth about her own husband. Her marriage is getting very serious, and she really needs to take this opportunity to find out what is going on.

Another problem with the movie is the fact that the movie starts off with a very judgemental narrator (who simply says, "Everybody else thinks this"), and it makes the audience wonder what kind of person this woman is. It doesn't help that she always says, "I'm telling you the truth." In the end, the movie also goes to all of these extremes of playing up the strange actions of Jenny's husband, and trying to make the audience sympathize with him and everything he does.

Even though the story is intriguing, the movie can also be annoying at times. The pace is too slow and the pace at which Jenny keeps changing is also frustrating at times. This means that there is a lot of confusion about what is actually happening on the screen.

For this reason, online viewers are expecting some action and some decisions to be made, which is not exactly what happens. The movie basically just gives the audience a bunch of promises and a few little hints. This is very disappointing because the script seems so well written.

I found the movie to be a bit depressing because of the twists and turns that the movie took, but I liked the movie more than online viewers did. If you enjoy spy movies, then this might be a good choice for you.

Original title 21 Bridges
TMDb Rating 6.5 472 votes

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