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Time is the enemy 2019/12/25 119 min.


What do you remember about the 1917 movie? I remember it as one of the most boring movies ever. I even think so, because of my personality and the way I viewed things.

The story was about a war veteran named "Rod" who kept getting mistaken for a German, and the truth that he had served in World War I was nowhere to be found on his original score. It was just wrong, as his era never ended. Finally, he claims that he was "born again", because he got a touch of madness in his head, which is the key to the film's theme.

You could also take a look at the similarities between the story of the movie and the Harry Potter books. It reminded me that there are films that revolve around those properties, but it's all fiction.

I do think that the 1917 movie is a "lost" movie in the history of cinema. It was made only two years after the first Harry Potter book was published, which is well after that series became a huge hit. So it is probably a modern-day fantasy story.

We can't forget that the online movie is a program we can watch. It has the same main characters, and the same time period (I'm talking about real-time, not "live-action" film). However, it's just one movie among many that this program offers.

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