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In this article I would like to compare the movie of John Wick with the first film in the John Wick Series. By comparing the first one with the second one we can get a better understanding on what went wrong and why the movie didn't work. However, before we get into the comparison, let's take a look at the first movie in the series. This is the movie of Keanu Reeves in his action character known as John Wick, and it was directed by David Leitch.

The movie begins with a beautiful woman, played by the starlet Anjelica Huston, being attacked by a gang of robbers. She manages to escape but then she becomes the target of John Wayne's men. At the end of the movie her throat is slit by John Wayne, while she tells him that she loves him before she dies.

What happens next is that John Wayne is taken prisoner and John Wick tries to find out why he is being tortured by his captors. Later on, while escaping from his captors, John Wayne's head is cut off by a man who was trying to get him to reveal the location of his comrades who have been captured. John Wayne is then left seriously injured.

Another problem that plagues the movie of John Wick is the slow pacing. It doesn't take too long for us to realize that John Wayne has been seriously injured but it takes John Wick a very long time to get there. This type of pacing is quite annoying because it makes the movie not very exciting.

Another thing that I don't like is the length of the movie. You don't really get to see anything substantial since the movie just goes on. The movie is really too long to be actually enjoyable but it is definitely not short enough to get you interested in the story.

The Movie of John Wickdoes have some redeeming qualities though and that is that the movie has great action scenes. It also has a great soundtrack by veteran songwriter Mark Owen. The movie did help make some star power for some well known actors such as Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Craig, and Chad Stahelski.

The movie also had some comedic moments as well. You got to admit that it is funny when John Wayne and Chad Stahelski decide to play some shoot outs in a casino. Of course, what makes this movie worth a watch is that the actual storyline of the movie is something that you will enjoy and see through to the end.

Overall, I think that the movie of John Wick was an excellent one. I have to say that it has some great action and it has some great humor that makes the movie work. But the pacing, the length, and the story lines are all things that should be fixed in order to make a better movie.

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