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Your mind is the scene of the crime. 2010/7/15 148 min.


You probably have seen the 2020 adaptation of the French book "Inception" and its sequel "In the Island of Doctor Death" that starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as David Geffen, Mel Gibson as Michael's father Robert, and Michael Caine as his brother Lloyd. The movies are quite popular with critics and audiences alike. Reviews suggest that the actors played their roles convincingly, which is the most important thing in this kind of movie.

If you like melodramas, you'll surely like this movie because it follows the plot of a melodrama very well. Although the story revolves around dreams, it is not just a story of a man, David Geffen, evil schemes. It is also about dreams.

Many people dislike melodramas because of their blood-drenched plots. I believe that not everyone can handle melodramas. This particular movie has been accepted by all ages but it is quite suitable for adults.

In this movie, you can see Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a young man and I believe that this role is his second one. He was seen in the other two "Inception" movies but did not play his character in this movie. The performance of this young man is very convincing and the movie overall performance of Gordon-Levitt is excellent.

In Inception, David's dreams become reality. So he has to move quickly in order to take advantage of these dreams to solve a problem that he has in his life. He can't do this alone because the opportunity of taking advantage of his dream might come and the possibility of him staying in his dream is almost nil.

Gordon-Levitt plays with his story line perfectly and it's not simply a dream story, but a realistic story line that we don't really expect from a modern day movie. The story and the acting are wonderful.

As for the movie itself, it is quite exciting to watch. You won't be able to wait to find out what happens next!

The movie was released in September 2020 and people must have seen it already. You can see a review for the movie and of course a review for the actor Michael Caine here.

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