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In Batman Begins, the Dark Knight was introduced. Nolan's first film was one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies ever made. With a unique screenplay, an outstanding supporting cast, and some of the most unique locations that any director could hope to create, Batman Begins was a fantastic introduction to the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight, on the other hand, has not been very popular. There was an initial surge of interest from people who saw the movie and were hooked, but it was quickly put down by negative reviews and a more widespread pessimism about Batman. In fact, people have been more excited about the character since this movie.

It is true that the Dark Knight did make a lot of money for Warner Brothers. If you can believe that, then it would appear as though every movie made to date has done extremely well in the box office. With the exception of some second tier movies, almost every movie was profitable and then some.

However, with such an overwhelming positive response to the movie, a lot of people are wondering if there will be another movie of this type. There has been talk of a third Dark Knight, but no director has been officially signed on yet. It appears as though the film may end up in development hell or somewhere in between.

There is no doubt that The Dark Knight was a huge hit. The reason that it was so successful is simply because people were hungry for more Batman and wanted to see more of him. This was a big reason why people were so excited for the film, but the thing is that they were also so eager to see it that they were also ready to pounce on the slightest mistake and turn it into a negative.

The critics have also been less than impressed with The Dark Knight. They all had varying degrees of criticism for it, and none of them seemed like they were really happy with the final product. However, it does seem like most of the criticisms about the movie were made by people who saw it for the first time and not by people who have actually seen it.

The Dark Knight has also received mixed reviews from critics. There were all sorts of criticisms from critics, but the majority seemed to be either excessively negative or were positive in a way that might be hard to describe. On one hand, the bad reviews were all over the board, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime.

However, the good reviews were fairly hard to come by, which only highlighted the fact that the film seemed to be making itself for people who did not like it. This is unfortunate, because the film did make a huge amount of money for Warner Brothers, so if it had ended up being a disappointment it would not have hurt the company quite as much. In fact, the opposite might have happened because it is possible that people would not have turned out in large numbers to see the film.

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