Barbie and the Diamond Castle
Barbie and the Diamond Castle (2008)

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2008/1/1 78 min.


This is the third and final movie in the Barbie and the Diamond Castle TV series. This sequel to Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse had a very short life due to poor sales of the TV series. We've watched another movie from the same group of people, so if you liked the first one you'll probably like this one.

The story of the movie is that after Barbie wakes up in the palace at the start of the series she has to face new challenges. She's still married to the head of the royal family. After many years of dream vacation, she wants to move on and have a new life. However, everything she does will always be changed by the dream so she has to start from the beginning.

She starts by spending time with her mother and finally find the perfect life for her. It's hard to find love, but we all know how the story goes in the movies. Her life starts to change when her new step-father starts to involve her with a bad guy named King George. This sets off several issues between the two, including how much each of them really want the other.

The relationship between the two main characters and their relationship with their father also played a huge role in the plot of the movie. The two dads do not get along and both try to get the best of the daughter.

The series was actually a part of the program dubbed the Serie. There were many episodes and they were really successful at selling merchandise and allowing the show to continue. This movie was made by the same group who made the third movie of the series.

The movie, as with all of the previous ones, is extremely popular and seems to have the same fanbase as the series did. The movies, while not really great, were entertaining and showed good comedic moments and times when a character fell into a deep depression. These are what made the series so successful.

The next two sequels to the franchise will come out in the serie. There is no indication if there will be a fourth film in the series or not. We can only hope.

Hopefully, these movies have provided you with some inspiration. They are very well done and have the right combination of humor and heart. Go see this movie and I bet you'll enjoy it just as much as the serie did.

Original title Barbie and the Diamond Castle
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