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Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.


Red, brand new, charismatic and quite inflated, Lightning McQueen (voice of Kuno Becker) in Cars is the fastest rookie on the track and a real sensation in the world of car racing. Keep in mind that it is an automotive mix of Ayrton Senna, Schumacher and Adrián Fernández, only - after all - he feels the last cigar of the party, petulance that attracts him some problems in the middle of the race, the consequences of them he will face when, by accident and heading for a decisive career for him, he will give and cause damage in the town of Radiator Springs, a forgotten place on the side of Route 66 - those who grew up in the 60s will surely catch the reference to the famous TV series, where at the hands of a diverse set of cars that represent various values of American cinema, you will learn to be a good car.

There it is, for example, the ancient but very-well-preserved Doc Hudson, originally played by Paul Newman and in Spanish by Pedro Armendáriz Jr., that at first seemed to be only a strict and intolerant veteran, but that in the long run In the best style of the Hollywood gurus will give some lessons to our protagonist about how he can improve what he considers "unsurpassed."

In Cars also there is Mate (César Bono), a rusty but good-hearted crane that becomes quarte uninterested of the Lightning and the bluish Sally Carrera (Kate del Castillo), a very feminine Porsche - when they see the movie this stops looking as implausible as it is read, one really thinks she is a girl - who, just tired of racing and pressure from Los Angeles, he took refuge in this picturesque place that, thanks to the racing car, will change dramatically as soon as he discovers that not everything in life is to be “very salsa”, but that teamwork, friendship, humility and Good values ​​always help natural talent to develop better - which is, indeed, the message from Cars, the striking new Disney/PIXAR film, whose premiere comes to formalize the beginning of the holiday season of school-age children. Go 

Even if he does not have the warmth of Toy Story or the formidable Monsters Inc. and lacks the sophistication and elan apparent in the style and characters of The Incredibles, this “adventure on wheels” that you should watch online as soon as you can, manages to fulfill its mission with consistent doses of good humor, less violence and a remarkable detail of atmosphere, which compensates for a fracturing rhythm - after a vertiginous start on the race track, the sudden change of tone with the "learning" scenes of Lightning, makes the movie slow, especially for very young, who get distracted easily, do not mind the message that tries to teach them and can start with the familiar "I want to go”, until it becomes good again in the climatic sequence that bounces the audience with joy, something that is rigorous in this kind of films.

The director's job at the hands of John Lasseter, is dazzling and achieves what could be very difficult: as he did with the fish, now he convinces us that all these cars have life, feelings and intelligence, So Cars is much more than a commercial of ninety minutes of Bardahl; even if it is not for all tastes or for all ages nor is it a masterpiece like some of its predecessors, but do not deviate, which is already quite in your favor. 

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