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Gladiator (2000)


A Hero Will Rise. 2000/5/1 155 min.


Gladiator is an epic movie based on the Roman epic poem, the Aeneid. Gladiator stars Brad Pitt as the Gladiator and also has Emilia Clarke and Anthony Hopkins playing lovers. According to Shakespeare's original work, the story of the fight between the poet Ovidius and the Roman general Glaber and their love-hate relationship is really interesting. In this episode of Online Movie Review, we will discuss the historical background of the film and why it was considered a huge success.

The movie is set in ancient Rome and depicts the importance of loyalty and honor in the military organization. This movie was so successful that it was actually turned into a trilogy where we saw more conflict between the gladiators, the poet Ovidius and the Roman general Glaber.

The Seria saga is what inspired the story of the movie. The story is also known as the legendary feud between Glaber and Ovidius. The Seria saga is a story about two poets who were close friends and worked as advisers in the Roman army and later worked together as poets together.

When we consider the success of the movie and its many viewers, the comedy story of the battle between the warrior Glaber and the poet Ovidius is just perfect. These two lovers became separated after they fell in love and were hunted by their enemies.

Historical background is important in movies, especially for history and mythology films. In the case of Gladiator, the film was made based on the Aeneid. The Aeneid is a Roman story and is also famous as the romance poem written by the Roman poet Virgil.

Even though the Seria saga is a romance story, it is still considered a real war drama. During the early battle between the gladiators and the poet Ovidius, we can see the real hardships and dangers of war and being in a real battle. Even though the gladiators were outnumbered, the gladiators were able to capture the poet and eventually killed him.

In the Seria saga, the gladiators are under strict rules and obedience to their commanders. However, in the movie, the gladiators were allowed to get drunk or seduce the poet Ovidius.

As a result, the Seria saga turned into a war between the two lovers. The only reason why the movie became a huge success is because of its graphic and fast action. There are some scenes that are a little bit difficult to understand especially for the viewer who has not watched many war movies.

Original title Gladiator
TMDb Rating 8.1 11293 votes

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