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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Just because you are a character doesn't mean you have character. 1994/9/10 154 min.


In the movie of Pulp Fiction, the main character is named Jake Barnes. He is the son of gangster Vincent Vega, who was killed during an attempt to take over the town of Yonkers, New York. So, since he is a gangster's son, he becomes a hardened killer and soon becomes a member of a group of teenage killers and committed murderers known as the Bloods.

The movie starts with Jake's grandfather, Herman "Hank" (John Travolta) living the idyllic life in his mansion. But one day, he is taken away by mysterious men in black. He wakes up in the hospital and when he arrives back home, his mother dies in front of him. Hank goes to visit her to find out why, only to find out that she is murdered by a man named Frank Lucas (Samuel L. Jackson).

To avoid the police, the Bloods go on a killing spree in Yonkers. Jake (Travolta) and Vincent (Jay Arcangel) try to save the lives of other innocent people by saving his grandmother (Deborah Kara Unger) from drowning and help a blind man find shelter. They make their way to the train station where the fugitive ex-con and the killers meet, intending to kill the ex-con. The two gangs try to kill each other, with many people getting killed and injuring the survivors. All the while, the former New York City Mayor, Vincent, is watching over them from the roof.

The story moves through the next couple of days as Jake witnesses more brutal violence in the center of town, a major action scene, being played out by the local mobsters. Vincent, Jake and the rest of the Bloods are able to save all the lives. When the mobsters tell Jake that they are joining forces, Jake jumps out of a window after a shot is fired into the air, landing on top of a table as he falls.

After this, Jake continues the story of the movie as he is followed through the streets, eventually ending up in Mexico, at the house of the man who stole the video tapes that caused the two gangs to clash. At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Jake, along with all the other participants in the war were all part of a scam that was played by the man who stole the tapes. The man was actually an undercover cop, and he hid the tapes away so that the two gangs would have a chance to wipe each other out before they met.

As for the movie, the movie is completely made up of action sequences. One of the best scenes involves Vincent (I was in love with his costume), who is led by a very villainous side character in the movie. It also has some very well-timed humor as well, which is more than what you can expect from the genre.

MovieFlix.com is one of the online streaming services that offers the movie in a format that anyone can watch. The movies are both in its original format and in MP4 format, which is a relatively recent invention for movies. As far as the movie goes, the length of the movie can be viewed on the site at various lengths.

Another thing that makes this movie good for a viewing in real time is the use of subtitles in the movie, which can be found on the movie's IMDb page. I especially liked how it was a lot easier to understand the dialogue than subtitles used in other films. Overall, I think the movie is a lot better than the other similar ones that are out there in the market.

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