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Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get. 1994/7/6 142 min.


The Forrest Gump Story is a direct sequel to the movie "Giant." It tells the story of General George Custer, who was killed during the Civil War and the later misadventures of Forrest Gump. In the first movie, General Custer was sent to rescue several thousand prisoners of war.

After this he was shot down and captured and it was during this time that he began to question the social order in the United States and the Civil War was about to begin. While in prison he was asked to re-enlist and the government couldn't afford to lose any more men. However, he refused and the government decided to put him in a cage and send him on a prison ship back to his home state.

This was where Forrest decided to escape and went on a march with his fellow prisoners, but they were so overjoyed to be free they all fell asleep. But it was a few days later that General George Armstrong Custer's scouts spotted him and it became obvious that he had to be recaptured or he would all die of starvation. General Custer led a group of his men to attack the prison camp, and this way General Custer managed to kill all the prisoners except for Forrest.

Eventually Forrest's bravery and strength were much appreciated by General Custer and he was invited to join the army. When he arrived at the front, he was assigned to an artillery unit and was soon on a long march to liberate the many slaves that were held as prisoners of war. General Custer died of dysentery and with him went the morale of the whole army. Forrest and his horse Jerry were captured by General Harrison, who brought them to Washington D.C.

Forrest joined the army and fought bravely, but eventually he realised that his leadership was not suited to this particular war, and he went home to his beloved wife and children. Forrest was therefore a veteran of the civil war, he knew what the war was about and he did not want to get involved in a pointless war.

On his way home he noticed that President Johnson was having a rally and it was the day that the famous statue of Mrs. Lincoln, Sally Field, had stood in the square and it was during this rally that he met the President and his daughter. Forrest was asked to be the parade conductor and he accepted the invitation gladly.

The movie starts with the Civil War anniversary and this will make people appreciate what this movie was really about. Forrest Gump was a man of action and he was given no other choice but to do what he had to do, so that he could save his family.

The book "The Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins is also very good. I enjoyed both of these books, but the Forrest Gump Movie was much better and much funnier than the books. I recommend them both highly.

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